Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whose house? Heels house!

In the past week, I was able to go to two basketball games, and an amazing football game. Luckily, or perhaps due to talent and athleticism, the Tar Heels pulled out three victories!

I've posted a couple of pictures of the highlights from the past week - #1 is of myself, posing with UNC basketball senior Marcus Ginyard in the background. This is before the first home game of the season, against Florida International University, in my beloved Dean Dome. #2 is of my friends Jon Kersting, Mallorie Price, Robert Dawson, and I posing next to the beloved court in our beloved Dean Dome after the NCCU game last Wednesday. That was a really fun night, because I really do have some great friends at this school.

I tried to add two more, but our internet here in my apartment is silly, and it's not letting me. Maybe next time! #3 was going to be of my friends Lisa Meyer and Amanda Evans and I at a bar called Four Corners last weekend. The two of them go to Furman, and were nice enough to come visit me for a weekend. (We missed you, E!) Friday night was a lot of fun, despite the bar's repeated playing of a select few songs. and finally, #4 was to be from the Miami game in Kenan Stadium. As Travis was so kind to point out (or so mean? this is bittersweet), it was the last time we'll all sing the Alma Mater together in that stadium until May 9, 2010. And if it rains on commencement day, then that truly was the last time we'd all be together there singing "Hark The Sound." Ah I might cry.

However, speaking of commencement - they've announced our speaker! John Grisham! Last year was Desmond Tutu (who was great! Sadly, the link I had bookmarked to the transcript no longer works, but you can watch it here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3F4QU_PaQM&feature=channel_page). I'm sure Grisham will be just as good, it should be especially inspiring to all those English majors!

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