Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beating Michigan...

So nice, we did it twice!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, UNC men's basketball soundly defeated Michigan State yet again. For those of you a little lost right now, that's the team we beat to win the NCAA championship last April! I may have had phase 5 tickets, I may have sat (well, stood in) the second to last row from the very top, I may not have gotten home until after midnight, abut boy was it worth it!

I was thinking last night, there is absolutely nothing like being in the Dean Dome at such a high-energy game, surrounded by 20,000 of your closest friends (we're all Tarheels, after all) singing UNC cheers and dancing to "Jump Around." It makes me a little sad for all those college students who don't go to schools with such an intense experience!

And this week, I have successfully done something every night that is one of those things I feel every college senior needs to do (at least at UNC). Sunday, I went out for drinks with my friends - mind you, this is not something that really every happens, as I am poor.
-Monday, I went to the GAA Holiday concert, saw all my favorite a cappella groups perform, yelled for Mallorie, and performed the 12 Days of Christmas (a little tradition at the holiday concert every year!)
-Last night was the Michigan game, and it was of course INCREDIBLE.
-Tonight, I spent several hours in the library writing a 12 page paper and studying for an art final exam. That's right, I actually have work to do besides dream about home decor, Christmas cookies and Carolina basketball.

It's all so bittersweet.

PS - A little shout out to ELISE RICH, my amazing friend who was accepted into the UNC Dental School today!! I'm so proud of you!

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