Sunday, December 6, 2009

I did it!

I am proud to say that I successfully hung up my Christmas window shutter decoration...

That's right. Using my handy dandy pink toolkit (a gift from my father, actually), I was able to nail hooks into the wall, in a straight line, and hang up my snowman! Finally. And I must say, it looks really cute.

I'm also proud to say that most of my Christmas shopping is complete. I can't give anything away right now; although, the only person who reads this already knows what I am giving her... Hello, Richard Castle. My heart beats faster just thinking of him!

But I digress. I successfully have gifts for my parents, Bill's family, and part of Bill's (the rest is on its way!). And of course, I have gifts for all the Secret Santa parties in the next couple of weeks, as well as Michelle's. I am about done! And thank goodness, because I don't have much money left. I did get my dress for my cousin's wedding today though... for more than 50% off. Boy, do I love when Macy's has sales. I can't wait to break it down in just 13 days... especially after seeing my mom and her sisters dance last night at our little girls' night.

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