Monday, January 18, 2010

this whole blog thing is harder than i remember

so, i stink at updating this.

i know.

Life is so crazy right now, and the whole purpose of this blog was to capture my senior year so I can remember it all later on down the road. Sadly, what I want to remember is exactly what is preventing me from being able to remember it! I hope that made sense.

Anyways - some quick updates.

I have made progress on The List. Sort of. I tried to drink out of the Old Well on the first day of classes... and it was frozen solid. That's right, for those of you who don't think NC gets cold, well it certainly does. So I took a picture looking sad, and then drank out of my nalgene on the steps. That's close enough, right? I'm also happy to say I have been to one basketball game since break, and will go to one this week. That brings my total this year up to 6, which is the same number of games I've been to in my previous years here at UNC. I may have complained about the new ticket policy originally, but it's been good to me.

In other news, Bill and I are sadly not going to be homeowners in the near future. We were able to reach a deal on a price for a house we wanted, but the inspection turned up a couple things that were just too expensive for us to handle. That is kind of good news, though, because now we can turn our attention and energy to.... (drumroll sounds here, please)

Wedding Planning.

It's capitalized because it is such a huge task. Who knew how many things went into planning a wedding? Certainly not me. I didn't even know they made "Happy engagement" cards at Hallmark until we received a few of our own. Thank the Lord, though, because I have the absolute best Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and mother a girl could ask for. And groom, too. He's my favorite man on the planet. (And that is saying a lot if you know of me and my love for Jon Bon Jovi). So right now, we have appointments with florists, caterers, cake bakers/decorators (what do you call them?), and talks are happening with a hair stylist (I'll be doing my own makeup), DJs and photographers. Geez Louise. Bill and I haven't even thought about shoes/hair piece(s)/ceremony details/suits for the men/centerpieces/decorations/vows/wedding bands/rehearsal dinner (My awesome FMIL is on top of this though!) and the list goes on. We still have eight months though... which I have a feeling will fly by.