Monday, May 17, 2010

my first weekend as a Carolina alum..

... was pretty eventful! I have to say, if this past week is any indicator of my life as a UNC graduate, I am going to be pretty busy (but blessed!)

My rainbow cake was completed, though not without some hitches. This is an important note to anyone attempting this: DO NOT skimp on the batter. Basically, a rainbow cake involves making a many-layered white cake, and dying each layer a different color. I used some neon coloring I have, and I made 4 layers: hot pink, purple, blue, lime green. Cute, right? Well, I decided to just use one cake mix, and made my layers fairly thin. This actually was a problem. I know now that next time I will just use 2 mixes, and make normal-size layers. These were so thin that two of them literally broke in half when place on top of another layer. (They were too thin for me to cut off the tops to level them...) I thought I could fill it in with icing, but it ended up being a little difficult. All in all, the cake looked fine once it was iced, and it received rave reviews (both for the taste of my mom's buttercream icing recipe! and the decorating job) but it was stressful. But that's what baking/cooking is all about - trial and error. So now I know. I have a couple pictures, but they've not yet been uploaded to my computer...

And speaking of pictures - after years of desire, and a very long decision process, I decided to splurge and buy a new digital SLR! The Nikon D3000. I've had it about 38 hours and I am loving it. My wonderful grandfather gave me some graduation money and told me to use it for something I wanted (not needed) and that pushed me over the edge. I have taken a lot of photos so far - my best friend's hooding ceremony at Wake Forest (she got her Masters - yay Michelle!); my adorable puppy (who is almost a year old!) and the house Bill and I are looking at. Sadly, nothing has made it from my camera to my macbook yet - that's an adventure for later this week.

But I'll leave you with two photos: the first is of Sensei on the day Bill and I brought him home from the humane society when he was almost 9 weeks old... The second was taken on Bill's birthday in February, when Sensei was about 9 months old. Look how he's grown!

Oooh and a little PS - summer is here and that means it's time for all of my favorite warm-weather foods. Bill and I tried a little berry cobbler in the slow cooker this evening and it was delicious! I just googled "berry cobbler crockpot" and a simple recipe popped up - I highly recommend it. We used blackberries, raspberries and strawberries and paired it all with ice cream. My stomach is growling just thinking about it all!

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