Monday, July 26, 2010


IKEA. It just feels like coming home. To 1,000,000 different homes within one building. and I love it. Does anyone listen to Jonathan Coulton? Bill loves him, and his music is hilarious. He has a great song about IKEA, that I just laugh out loud at every time I hear it. (He also has a song about SkyMall, which is quite possibly my favorite magazine!)

Anyways, I was down in Charlotte this weekend staying at Bill's parents' house for a little party last night celebrating the fact that I will be an old married woman in just EIGHT weeks! (Which is an incredibly short amount of time when you consider the fact we've been dating since 2005, and engaged since 2008. Finally!) Bill came down and we decided to take a little trip to IKEA this afternoon. See, at my bridal shower in March with all of my girl friends, they decided to do a group gift. These wonderful girls (see a picture of the group here) collected money and got a gift card for IKEA, since that megastore doesn't have a wedding registry... and let me tell you what, I love these girls and they must certainly love Bill and I in return because it was an amazingly generous gift. See the look of shock here when my I opened the card and showed my mom:
Anyways. Bill and I decided to finally spend some of this money, as we close on our house THIS FRIDAY and still need a lot of things. Among today's finds were some great LEDs for under the bar, a clock (it's sad how dependent we've all become on our phones and computers to tell us the time... I had to buy a watch the other day because I realized I can't be on my phone at work all the time this fall!), lampshades for our bedside tables (which are yet to be purchased... don't judge, please), a new wine rack, an AMAZING pendant lamp to hang above the dining room table (which we do own!), some CD storage boxes (I was able to get a new cuter, less cluttered method of storage now that so many of my CDs are gone) and a bottle of Pomegranate-Apple Juice and a sleeve of cookies picked up in the checkout aisle. So this post is basically a big shout out saying THANK YOU, from the bottom of my mine and Bill's hearts, to the girls who love us enough to help us put together our new home! Everyone's invited over soon... and you can come sooner if you'll help paint!

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