Thursday, July 22, 2010


As promised, a quick little post on my love of paint and the wonders it can do.

Take for example, this cheap-o Target bookshelf. Don't get me wrong - I love this baby. Michelle and I both bought one of these (for less than $25) before we moved in for our second (and final - *tear*) year of living together at Carolina. And they truly served their purpose. It's much sturdier than you would think, and it was great for a dorm room, and then a year living in an apartment with mismatched furniture. But now that I am getting ready to move into a big-girl house, I'd kind of like to have nicer furniture. Or at least, nicer-looking furniture. Starting grad school, buying a house and getting married are not exactly events that leave you well off, so who am I to throw out a perfectly functional bookcase just because it's covered in fake blonde-wood laminate? Since the desk I have in my parent's house is moving with me, and is very dark wood, I decided to paint my bookshelf a dark brown to coordinate. (And once I move, I'll be painting my IKEA Trofast unit to match as well... I'm just waiting to move before I take it out of the box and put it together). Anyways, I was a little worried about painting this shelf because I did not want to sand it. It's sturdy, but I didn't think it was thick enough to handle an electric sander, and let's be honest - the back is made of cardboard. So I did a little research, headed to Lowes with Bill (aka Bill's version of heaven) and we stumbled upon this:
Universal. As in all-purpose. As in, WORKS ON LAMINATE. It took almost two cans of this miracle worker, but my bookshelf is now a sleek and sophisticated espresso brown. That was Monday, and I took a picture before the final coat, so it's still a little splotchy:
Don't worry - another picture of the final product is forthcoming... once it's in a house and not a garage. I did go out and admire it today, though - no drips or streaks. I'm not a huge fan of spray paint (it gets EVERYWHERE), especially when painting larger items like this. A word to the wise: if you are spray-painting an enclosed space, like the inside of a bookshelf for example, be prepared for some of that spray to come back on you. I looked like I had a tan by the time I emerged from the garage, and well, we all know that will never actually happen.

And now for the second reason I love paint: I just don't like white walls. As Bill's preparing to move out, we're getting his house ready to rent/sell. This past weekend, we finished what we had been putting off for a good year - painting the stairwell. We painted the entire downstairs of his house in April 2009, but the stairwell was such a daunting task, we left it as it was. You can see in this picture why it was a little more difficult than painting the kitchen or living room - the walls are stinkin' tall! But with the help of an extender rod, arm muscles (and some Papa Johns pizza for energy!), we got the job done. Thank the Lord.

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