Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am proud to announce that, yes, there is an officially-completed room in our new home. The dining room has been stripped of wallpaper, skim-coated, primed, and painted. Bill and I replaced the old ceiling fan with a great pendant lamp from IKEA and moved in our gorgeous table and chairs from my grandparents' house. It's also not fair to brag about this room without giving a little to shout-out to some fine folks who helped us: Barry, Galen, Mary, Meredith, Lisa and Michelle - we couldn't have done it all without you.

And now a little picture timeline of the room... enjoy!

This is before we even bought the house, but it's the only shot I have that shows the old wallpaper.
Post-wallpaper. You can see our new lamp here :) And that blue jar in the middle... well, Caroline, Melissa and I found that in a closet. We're not sure what it is...
All primed and ready to go! Minus that burgundy chair rail, which took SEVERAL coats of white paint to disappear.
The final product! Including the really pretty flowers Bill had sent to me at the house Monday as a sweet surprise!

The room will be added on to over the next several weeks, as we hang pictures and hopefully receive the placemats we registered for. We may even add a buffet table in the corner that's currently in our garage, if it will fit (also courtesy of my grandparents). But none of this is big stuff, and it's nothing that will take more than 5 minutes to do, so I say the room is done! It feels so much bigger with the lighter colors, and it really is my favorite room in the house. Of course, Lisa pointed out that when we finish another room, that one will probably be my favorite... But for now, I love the dining room! It feels so nice to see that all of our hard work has paid off. Next up: office, guest room, master bedroom, bathrooms, living room, den and kitchen. Not too much more, right? :)

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