Monday, August 9, 2010

taking a breather

whoa. the past 9 days have been non-stop.

bill and i closed on our house and have semi-moved in! we officially have 2 rooms with furniture in them now, which is 2 more than we had as of yesterday morning. One of those is the dining room (which I am painting tomorrow, yippee!) and we have a gorgeous table with six chairs. this came from my dad's parents' house, and is a much nicer set than we probably would have gotten otherwise.

we (along with some help from bill's mom, Mary, and lisa's steamer) also took down the wallpaper in the dining room friday. it was an all-day affair, sadly, and I am now going to solemnly swear, with all of bloggerdom as my witness, to NEVER wallpaper a room in any house I ever own. Because it is dang hard to get off. Mary and I began to strip off the wallpaper, and it came off so easy - we were really excited! And then we discovered the even more hideous pink wallpaper underneath, that appeared to have been cemented on sometime in the 1970s. I eventually gave up on the pink paper and my lack of de-wallpapering skills, and left the work to the pro. It took all day, but Mary got it done! (THANK YOU. and let's not forget the delicious homemade cheesecake she brought us! That's one nice thing about moving - people are really willing to help you out. Galen and Barry helped us move furniture yesterday, and then my mom brought us all lunch. Bill and I are so luck to have such great people who love us!) Anyways. That awful wallpaper left gouges in the wall and it was really uneven, so Bill found some miracle product at Sherwin Williams (which I called Sherman Williams all weekend) and applied a skim coat and it appears to have worked. I'll be priming and painting tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. Since we installed our new IKEA lamp at 10pm in the dark Friday night, that room will be done! One down, way too many more to go.

Today was a really productive day in the new house for Bill and I. Bill was a little more productive than me, as I didn't show up until almost 1 pm. Each day we've been there so far, people have dropped by to take a tour, and today was no different. I love showing it off, even though the house is really in a state of disarray right now. My grandpa, mom and aunt came over today. Apparently while I was in the basement with Pop, my mom told Bill and Nan that she would wallpaper every room of her house if she could. No, mom, no! Think of the people who will live there after you and dad. Chances are, they aren't going to dig it like you do.

I keep getting off track. Must be the fact it's after midnight and "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" is calling my name (thanks, Caro, for letting me borrow it!). Back to today. Bill mowed the lawn (ah the joys of domesticity) and installed a dead bolt, while I painted the master bedroom. Luckily Bill didn't mind lending his edging skills, nor did he mind listening to some Bon Jovi music while doing so. What a guy. I am really excited that the master is now ready for some furniture! I'll be posting pictures soon, I hope. Just ignore the purple carpet in that room (it will have to go eventually...) This house has SIX different carpets in it. Sheesh. Maybe one day they'll all match. For now, I will be satisfied when they are all vacuumed and free of any Sensei business. My poor baby has had a little trouble figuring how to ask to go outside in the new home, but he did well today. That may be a little TMI for some of you out there, so I apologize.

It's off to sleep for me (after some Stephenie Meyer time, of course) - we're getting the internet hooked up tomorrow morning so I have to be up a little earlier than I would like!

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