Monday, October 25, 2010

The truth behind Elvis Preston

Oh the life of a two-dog family. Now, I love Elvis Preston. He’s my Baby. My Little Bear. My Chunky Monkey. My Pee Monster. Yep, you read that last name right. He pees like it’s his job. It doesn’t matter if he’s just been outside 15 minutes ago – he loves water (in fact, sometimes he’ll put his feet in his water bowl and drink out of Sensei’s at the same time), and has the world’s smallest bladder. Many of you probably heard about how he stood on his back legs and peed on the side of our bed the first night we had him. And you may have heard about how he has peed on my leg, and Bill’s, more than once. But today’s accident took the cake.

I stayed late in Greensboro today, to visit a NICU with my 601 class, and Bill couldn’t come home straight after work, either. So by the time I got home, I guess Preston had had enough waiting. We try to calm him down before we let him out of his crate, since he also tends to pee when he’s excited. And then we scoop him up and carry him to the door before he pees on the carpet. Typically it’s a good plan. But not today. I picked him up, cradling him on his back AND HE STARTS TO PEE. Seriously. A huge arch of pee is spraying out of this dog, all over the hallway. The walls, the floor – maybe even the ceiling? There was some serious distance happening.

So that’s the newest adventure in owning the new puppy. In other news, this weekend rocked. I carved pumpkins with my best friends from high school (pictures are forthcoming and hilarious.) And I got to see Sara on her way back to App. And Bill and I were very productive. And I got an great new haircut – it makes me feel better about my appearance since I LOST MY NOSE RING. It just fell out one night! (I am such a mess – Bill found it the next day, but it was too late to put back in.) And the Panthers finally won a game. And now I'm going to write a paper and watch DWTS - I promise a better update sort-of soon! I'll leave you all with a few pictures to satisfy you until then :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Preston!

We are finally a two dog family. I am proud to say that Preston (full name: Elvis Preston Our-Last-Name) fits in great. I love him, Bill loves him, and Sensei certainly does. As both dogs are a little worn out right now, I was able to grab a few minutes at the computer to upload some pictures of Preston's first day with us... Enjoy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Where to begin.

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. Things are much better now - especially since I am on Fall Break until Wednesday! Hallelujah.

I should have known it was going to be a rough week though, when I tripped over the baby gate and fell down the bottom of the stairs last Sunday afternoon. (No, there is not a baby, it's to keep Sensei out of the basement for right now). And then on Tuesday, it happened. The dreaded event that all married women fear. (Bill's sister told me she even had a dream it would happen to her!) That's right. I lost my wedding band. After just 2.5 weeks of marriage, that beautiful sparkly round piece of metal is somewhere in my front yard hiding. And it's a master at hiding, let me tell you that. It has so far foiled 5 different people, a metal detector and a hysterical 22-year-old. I don't count myself as a person, because my behavior that night was not human. Someone shouldn't be able to cry that hard for that long in front of that many people!

Anyways, as Bill pointed out, we are still married, so I have since calmed down. Minus that whole getting-the-letter-from-the-register-of-deeds-saying-our-marriage-license-hadn't-been-recieved-so-the-state-had-no-record-of-our-marriage-and-consequently-having-a-breakdown-crying-"But-we-really-aren't-married!"-episode. But that's been taken care of and our certificate of marriage came in the mail this morning. And I bought a plain silver band (I'm still holding out hope my real one will show up!) so it's like we're really married now! Ruby told me a poem to St. Anthony, who is the patron of seekers of lost things, so we repeated it multiple times on the phone last night, so here's hoping that works!

But, this blog is not for me to complain on! No, it's to keep you all updated and to share pictures and funny stories. So, you may be wondering. What has been happening in the house lately? Well, we got a fence! Our backyard is now wonderfully contained, and Sensei can finally run free. And my baby is fast! You can tell he loves it so much, which is awesome. Bill and I are also in the market for puppy #2, so I will keep you all updated on that. We have one in mind, we are going to go meet him tomorrow, and see if he and Sensei get along. Keep your fingers crossed!

We've also unpacked almost all of our wedding gifts and put them away. We have many boxes to get rid of, though! And I've done some more work in the kitchen - since we've been home from the honeymoon, I have tried my hand at crepes, tomato-almond pesto (from Smitten Kitchen, where else?) and I actually can't think of anything else. I know there's been more, but those are the two most exciting things, so they're all that's coming to mind. Bill's been trying his hand at iced tea, mixing flavors and what not, and I will say this: Celestial's wild berry zinger tea is amazing!

School has been good. SO MUCH WORK. Ah! Why didn't someone warn me about grad school? I'm really enjoying the classes though. And of course, I still love the quints. We had a great girls' night out dinner this week with Mama Carol (Doesn't "Mama Carol and the Quints" sound like a band name? It makes me think of the Partridge Family). I wish I could think of some funny stories to share. Lisa's blog (READ IT NOW) is so stinkin' funny! I laugh out loud every time I read a post. I'll come back and post when I think of something. I promise, funny things happen all the time, I am just dead tired right now. And it's only 12:30 in the afternoon!

I will leave you all with some great pictures from the wedding! These were all taken on Sonja and Frank's camera, but I think it was passed around - so credits go to Sonja, Frank, Henry and whoever else used it! Sonja gave me a disc of 500+ pictures from the weekend, and here are some of my favorites! (Sonja posted a lot of great ones on facebook, so I made sure there are no repeats here!)

Okay, blogger is being super slow, so I only uploaded three. But they're good ones! More will just have to come later....

Here we are, just after saying our "I Do's." Can you tell we're excited??

Michelle's nephew, T-Swizzle, and my niece are going to be married one day! (It's our only chance at ever being related.) Here they are at their first meeting - I think it was love at first sight!

Our cake toppers :)

So stay tuned - I promise the blog is back up and running, it won't be so long between posts next time!