Monday, November 22, 2010

The Bro.

Today, I am thankful for my not-so-little little brother. It was very strange coming home from college one weekend freshman year to find him taller than me all of a sudden! Paul is a sophomore this year, and he is a manger for his university's basketball team. I am SO proud of him for what he's done, and what he's trying to become. We may not have always been the best of friends - to be truthful, we spent a large part of our childhood's trying to annoy the other - but we are now! We've experienced a lot together: the vacation from hell, high school, going away to college, holidays, road trips, that time he made me watch Jackass: The Movie, staying up late to watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reruns all night long together, the one day of the year when Paul gets up before me so he can wake me up for Christmas, concerts, TIMBER, dealing with our parents (Sheldon?), endless afternoons on youtube, frisbee afternoons at the park, basketball/football games, duets in the car, AND SO MUCH MORE. Here is a quick look at our 19.5 years of being brother and sister.

One of our first pictures together. Obviously, I wasn't too happy about the loss of my only-child status.
Proof he was cute at some point in his life. Just kidding, Paul!

Cheesin' with the pound puppies.
Our best gorilla faces - love the jorts.
Paul's "WTF" face, from our horrible day at Gettysburg that fateful summer.
Modeling some of Mom's old glasses- so stylish!
The day Bill and I got engaged.... I think Paul might love him more than he loves me!
Happy graduation! I can't believe you did it - hahaha
The best $1 we ever spent.
Sensei loves him, so you know he must be alright.
One of my favorite pictures from the wedding!
So thanks for all the good times, Luap... I'm proud to be your big sis, I love you!

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