Saturday, November 20, 2010

Even if I don't blog, I'm still thankful...

I did it again. I forgot to post. Two days in a row! And as Lisa so kindly pointed out - I am a slacker. (Please note she has not posted since November 11. Just saying.)

Sadly, I realized Tuesday when flipping through my planner that I have four papers due the week after Thanksgiving. One Monday, one Tuesday, one Wednesday, and one Thursday. I mentioned before that I was spending some quality time with my computer and the library, and that hasn't really changed since I last posted. As I just finished a homework break that included shopping at (I had a gift card!) and playing with the dogs, I figured I will just round out the break with a little blogging. Here's a quick list of what I've been thankful for the past few days...

Christmas lights. Bill and I had a gift card to Target, so we bought some lights to go outside (in addition to those we bought last year - you always need way more than you expect!) and for our tree. We both used different kinds of lights growing up with our families, so we broke tradition and decided on a new style of lights together. We didn't get a tree last year, because of Sensei, but this year we are definitely going to have one. We'll just put a baby gate up! But buying Christmas lights, and just thinking about decorating (which I can officially begin to do one week from yesterday!) gets me so excited for the holiday season. With so much going on, it's been hard to think about the holidays without thinking "OH MY GOSH I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE THEN," but last night really got me in the mood! Targets $1 section ornament collections also helped :)

Lights on a tree Bill decorated in front of his home last year... here's hoping we get some snow again this Christmas!

My family's tree from last year! I love the lights :)
I also have been thankful for this:

It really is a miracle.
Preston appears to have regressed a little in the past couple of days, and has been peeing in the house more than usual. We go through a lot of this stuff. Really. We have the huge bottle that you refill the spray bottle with. Please keep your fingers crossed that Preston stops! He doesn't care when you yell at him... he will just sit there and keep peeing on your shoes/carpet/bare feet, while you are in his face scolding him. We don't hit the dogs, so there's not much else we can do. We do reward him for going outside, and you would think that'd be enough, since my little Chunky Monkey loves food so much.

There's loads more to be thankful for in my life, obviously, but I do need to head back to the wonderful world of Infant/Toddler Language Development. See yall soon!


  1. Maybe Chunky Monkey would be upset if you took food away when he goes in the house? Is that even legal?

    We all know I'm not a dog person, so don't take my advice haha. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations!

  2. this is true. but i did not promise to blog everyday.

    i didn't believe in hitting dogs until we got Rusty, the world's most stubborn dog EVER.

    I can't think of anything to get him to stop peeing. I know some stuff for just general bad behavior. If he hates water you can use a spray bottle, but if he likes it that won't help. Also, if he's skittish, putting coins in an aluminum can and shaking it when he's doing something bad to scare him might work. I don't know if that would just make him pee more tho! Hopefully you can figure something out!

  3. And hopefully it's before I come to visit. I don't like being peed on!