Monday, November 1, 2010

No clever title today.

Missing: my free time. Has anyone seen it? Or does anyone have some to spare? I feel like I have something to do every second of every day. And so does Bill. My dad pointed out that we actually do things we need to do, whereas most people just think about it or talk about it, but then don't do everything. And the crazy thing is, I don't ever feel like we've done enough! Seriously. We still have not finished painting the house, moved over all of my furniture from my parents' house, hung all our pictures/frames, unpacked the boxes we do have here, and more. Every day our house looks a little better, and a little more like a home, though.

I am really loving it, despite the fact we only got TWO trick-or-treaters last night! Poor Bill, he worked hard setting things up, and he even wore his Dr. Horrible costume. I think it is because the wiring in our front light is spotty, so the front of our house wasn't lit up well. Hopefully next year will be more successful! And to help console us, we do have a giant bowl of candy all to ourselves... Halloween weekend was fun, regardless of the lack of trick-or-treaters. Saturday afternoon, we went to a party at the karate school Bill teaches at. My favorite costume of the day was Barry's - he came as Bill! (Sadly, I am always behind on uploading my pictures, so those will have to come soon.)

I do have pictures from our pumpkin-carving extravaganza last weekend, though! See - this will not be a totally disappointing post!

This is my (level 3) pirate ship - I worked so hard on it! 

and this is Bill's skull... he carved each of those teeth individually!

And these are my best girl friends from high school, for a little reunion. (Michelle, I am so sad you left before the group photo shoot). Colleen's monster, Caroline's ghost, my pirate ship, my puppy who wanted in all the pictures, and Melissa's skull. Such a fun night!

On a more serious note, I have to say I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have seen a few things in the past weeks that just make me ask - don't people want to be happy? Here's an anonymous example:

I was on my way home from work the other week, and there was a very slow truck far ahead in the right lane. I could tell I was going to have to brake when I got closer, so I went ahead and switched to the left lane. The car that was now in front of me was going fairly slow (and I will point out that their license plate read "Nana and Grandpa"). They moved over to the right lane so I could pass them, but they merged incredibly close to the red jeep that was already in the right lane. They almost rear-ended him, and blew their horn at him. Mind you, this old-people car was the one that merged without looking. As I passed both these cars, the oldsters whipped out around the jeep to get behind me again and made some rude gestures. The jeep soon got behind them, in order to pass the aforementioned super-slow truck. The oldsters SLAMMED on their brakes, and slowed down A LOT. I could see the jeep jerking around in my rearview mirror as he slammed on his own brakes to avoid hitting Nana and Grandpa. But then, they never sped back up! After just a minute, they were almost out of my sight, and there was a long line of cars behind Nana and Grandpa, trying to pass the truck.

Now tell me - why did they feel the need to do this? Who did it help? No one. Who did it harm? Everyone on the road! They were being so dangerous, and it just added stress for everyone involved! Can't people just forgive and forget? Or own up to their mistakes? Just take responsibility for yourself, and realize that we are all here for bigger, more important things than road rage. I try to avoid preaching on this blog, but really, this has been bothering me lately because I see it all the time. Not road rage specifically, but just examples of people who ignore chances to be happy and instead grab hold of opportunities to be miserable. And to people who just complain about their lives all the time, I just want to tell them: slow down and really look at your life! Do you have it so bad? And if you think you do, do something about it! You aren't going to find happiness in money, or a boy, or nice things, or being the best at something. I could write so much more about this, and relate it to a million topics, but that's not what the blog's for. So I will end it on this note: Look beyond yourself, and realize that you have reason to be happy and content.

And since I hate to end on such a somber note, I'll share a little bit of good news. Bon Jovi is coming to Raleigh!! Woohoo!!! Tickets go on sale tonight, hallelujah! Can't wait to see this man again February 21: (and yes, that is the day before Bill's birthday and he hates Bon Jovi - I know, how are we married? - so his gift is that he does not have to go with me!)

And for anyone worried - no, I will not actually give Bill a "pass" on a Bon Jovi concert for his birthday. He will get a legitimate gift!

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  1. If you want to stay the night in Raleigh after Bon Jovi you are welcome to stay here. Also, our house gets 300-500 trick-or-treaters and we could use some serious halloween inspiration. One kid even said to me, "Your house isn't scary at all". He is lucky I still gave him his two pieces of candy ;) You are totally welcome here for Halloween next year if that interests Bill. He would have a huge audience for anything spooktacular that he works up! Hugs to you guys!