Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please forgive me!

It happened, as it was bound to sooner or later. I skipped a post. It doesn't mean I wasn't thankful for anything yesterday, it just means I didn't blog about it. So today, I will tell you about two very important things I am thankful for. I had planned on blogging about how much I love my parents last night, so that'll be first! (And don't worry, little bro - you're getting your own post!)

Basically, my parents rule. Unlike a lot of people, I really truly get along with both my mom and dad, and they are two of my best friends. I like to hang out with them, and I have for the past several years... I guess once I was mature enough to realize that parents are cool and do know more than their kids, I decided to take full advantage of that knowledge.

I know I was not the easiest child to raise (but I was the easier of the two they had - Paul has to agree!), but they still took care of me and went above and beyond their parental duties to make sure I had a good life. Even now, they do things for me and Bill, even though it's not really their responsibility anymore. But growing up, they really did so much for Paul and I. They drove us places, put up with our brattiness, took us on vacations, let us have hobbies that may have been a little expensive, taught us everything we know, and helped establish traditions along the way. They encouraged us in everything we did (no matter how ridiculous it was... who on earth thought it was a good idea for me to be on a school basketball team?!), listened to us when we had a bad day (or just wanted to talk about everything that happened that day, as was often the case with me), stood up for us, and helped us overcome a lot of obstacles. I was bullied a lot in elementary school, and my parents were my saving grace. They taught me to respect myself, and to love myself, even when others acted like they didn't. They also taught me about forgiveness (along with an important man I like to call Jesus), which was a virtue that took a long time to use. They sent Paul and I on trips that would have been impossible otherwise, they made sure every birthday and holiday was special, and even surprised us from time to time. (Can everyone imagine me, as a 13-year-old, finding out I was going to see Bon Jovi for the first time? It. Was. Pandemonium.) My parents also made sure that we had good relationships with our grandparents and other relatives. We were lucky enough growing up that our extended families were all within a 90-minute-drive (all our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.... in fact, a few were just across the street!), and they ensured that we got to know all of them. They embraced Bill into our family and treat him like their own son, and they both helped plan that wonderful wedding. (Even my dad went to some meetings that Bill and Mom couldn't make!)

In sum, I love my parents, and I could not have asked for a better pair. love you, mom and dad!

I loved my daddy from the beginning.
Hanging out one 4th of July with my family and Michelle, Brice and Nathaniel. My parents are so cool, they don't mind hanging out with my friends and me in public.

 Mom pinning on Bill's boutonniere before my senior prom. She can do anything!
My parents with Paul, before his senior prom. Full circle.
On the day Bill and I got engaged, Bill had a surprise dinner party planned that night... and of course, my wonderful parents were there!
My happy parents at the wedding rehearsal!
People say I look just like my dad... what do you think?
One of my favorite pictures of me and my dad.

The whole family, celebrating my graduation from the nation's best university.
Mom was nice enough to squeeze the life out of my right before the wedding. I can't stop laughing at this one.

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