Monday, November 15, 2010


Today's thankful post might be a bit more material than the others, but it's something I am really thankful for: technology. If you think about it, without technology, I wouldn't even be able to have this blog! I would have a hand-written journal, and no one would see it. Kind of like my one from high school. Except, I don't want anyone to read that. Ever. Anyways, technology is amazing, and I don't understand most of it, so I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who do understand. Like Bill. His job is basically to work with technology and it is so over me head. And I don't just mean fancy computers and that kind of technology, but phones, cameras, ipods, tvs, cars, anything! Technology lets me have friends (well, it lets me keep in touch with them in a more efficient way than letter writing...)

Here are some of the things I couldn't do without this miraculous aspect of my life:

I wouldn't ever be able to skype with these awesome ladies!
I wouldn't be able to watch UNC win the NCAA on television!
I couldn't have photoshoots in the back yard with my doggies!
Of course there are a lot more examples, but these just stuck out in my mind the most. And speaking of my pups and being thankful, here's a little story that I am thankful had a happy ending... Bill came home for lunch today and let the dogs out in the backyard. He looked out the window at them after a few minutes, only to see Preston in our neighbor's backyard! Apparently, he has learned that he is short enough to jump in between the bottom two steps of our back deck, and escape that way! But, thankfully, he came back (with Bill's help, of course!)

And now it's back to the wonderful world of online classes... See you tomorrow!

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  1. bahahahaha! I guess that picture is payback for the ones i posted of you. fair enough. I love it!