Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful. Again.

Alright! Time for today's update: something beautiful and another thing I'm thankful for. I promise, faithful readers, I am going to do my best to write EVERY day. That's right - no more waiting until Monday evenings for my weekly update.

Seeing as I spent most of the day inside the office, and then on Sara's couch for our online class this evening, I wasn't able to witness much beautiful. But, luckily, there's Kiwi. Kiwi is Sara's new kitty, and he has a pretty amazing story behind him. After weeks of discussing Sara's desire for a cat, a doc student in our program busted into our office last week with a 2-month-old kitten she had found. In the engine of her car. She was driving down the highway when she heard a screaming sound, so she pulled over, popped her hood, and there was poor Kiwi. We assumed he had crawled up into her car to keep warm that morning, and he must have just fallen asleep there until she began driving. And there was Sara, who was looking for a cat, and poor Kiwi who was looking for a home. Kiwi had worms, a tick, and ear mites, but Sara and her boyfriend have taken good care of him and he's mostly healed now! He is so sweet, and this is coming from a definite dog person. I think Kiwi's story is beautiful, and he is a wonderful (lucky!) little kitty. I have lots of great pictures of him on my camera from today, but sadly I don't have my cord. So here's a picture I stole from Sara, and I'll post my own soon.

And to continue along this train of thought, today I am thankful for my babies, Sensei and Preston. (I know, I might as well just name this blog after them because I talk about them so much!) Bill and I have been incredibly lucky with these two, as they are both so much fun, and are sweet and loving dogs. I can be having the worst day, or I can be super frustrated with something, but those two come running at me, and I just can't help but be happy!

Last night, I went to bed before Bill, and both pups snuggled in bed with me and we all fell asleep. And then there was the best moment, after they were put up, when Bill climbed into bed only to find two bones, a rope, and a squeaker toy in his place! You can ask anyone, I am constantly telling people how wonderful it is to have pets, and everyone should get one! Seriously, there are SO many dogs and cats (and birds and hamsters and fish and hermit crabs and many other animals) that need a loving home in this world... if you are thinking about it, do it! Adopt! We got Sensei from the Forsyth County Humane Society and Preston from Diamonds in the Ruff, out in Goldsboro. We found him on PetFinder, which is a GREAT website for finding pets that need to be adopted.

Hanging out with me one afternoon! Preston was a little worn out.

We have frequent photoshoots, especially when I should be doing schoolwork.

That's it for today... see you all tomorrow!

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