Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful, Day 6.

Hello! I'm back for yet another round of being thankful and something beautiful. I realized I didn't write about the beauty I found yesterday, but I was too distracted writing about my bff. Coincidentally, for her thankful post yesterday, she wrote about me! She obviously is a better blogger, as she posted way more pictures than I did and wrote more, but the love is mutual! I am just a wimp and have trouble staying up late. Maybe I'll do a Thankful for Michelle 2.0 post...

Anyways, the beauty in today. Nathan Fillion - Bill and I are catching up on last week's Castle! He is ruggedly handsome, you know :)

In all seriousness, today I am very thankful for how productive Bill and I were able to be this weekend. Especially today. I have two imporant papers due the week after Thanksgiving, and I am now up to 5 pages (out of 15-20 on one) and 1.5 pages (out of 5-7), thanks to digging in this weekend! Bill and I did tons of laundry, packed up all of our Halloween decorations and put them in the attic, packed away from wedding stuff, vaccuumed most of the house, did dishes, changed the sheets on our bed (which is a big deal, because Bill is allergic to dust mites, so we have all these special slipcovers on the mattress and pillows, and we still managed to spend time with both our families AND both spend time with our best friends. Whew! And play with the dogs. Now you see why we're so tired by 10 every night :) But really, I am so thankful we were able to buckle down and get everything done that we wanted to for the weekend. I feel so good after a productive day, and it's just what I needed to destress a little. Isn't that weird? Doing things destresses me? Maybe it's because it means I just have that much less to do in the near future.

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and productive) weekend! See you all tomorrow!

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  1. wow. you did do a lot! yay! and I'm allergic to dustmites too! Though not as bad as I used to be so I don't cover the pillows anymore and I don't have to wash my sheets once a week in hot water anymore either. Thank goodness because that really does a number on your sheets! I sound like a grandma in this post...