Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is it.

The post you've all been waiting for!

Today, I am thankful for Bill. For anyone new to the blog, Bill is my husband of 2 months and six days. Of course, we dated for more than five years before tying the knot, but who's counting? We dated long distance for the majority of our relationship (first, he was finishing school at NC State, then I went off to Furman and then UNC when he had moved back home after graduating). But now we are together in the same town, and we see each other more than once every two weeks. In fact, we see each other every day - it's awesome! We're also the proud parents of these two guys.

Anyways, I am very thankful to have found Bill. We have been through a lot, and we're still alive and well. Obviously life together is not 100% perfect all the time (but it's pretty great!), but there's a lot of love in our house no matter what. We've also been blessed with some of the world's most amazing parents, siblings, and friends. It's pretty amazing to have each other and such a large support system with us. Seriously. I am very lucky to have not only Bill, but his family, in my life. And I think he'd say the same about mine.

But that's not the topic of this post. No, I am just telling you about Bill. He is wonderful. He takes out the trash. He likes nerdy things. He'll listen to me talk all day long about nothing. He hides fake spiders in the shower and thinks it's funny. He thinks I'm funny. He takes long walks with me and the dogs. He will sometimes listen to Bon Jovi in the car without complaining. He hangs things on the walls so they're level. He introduced me to Dr. Horrible. He makes killer sweet tea. He falls asleep on the couch next to me while I'm typing this. (Let's be honest, he falls asleep next to me all the time, no matter where he's sitting. My dad said once that it was a good thing you stand up when you get married, or Bill might have fallen asleep!) He gets up early to let the dogs out. He closes the door to our tiny bathroom after he takes a shower in the morning so that it stays warm until I get in. He watches Castle with me, and sometimes even DWTS! He gives great hugs. He makes me do nerd things, and I usually end up liking them. He will watch Boondock Saints with me a million times. He dances with me in the kitchen - usually not romantic, but slightly spastic so I die laughing. He is so smart, I don't understand his job at all. He is a hard worker. He hides in the basement man cave when I am hanging out with my girl friends in the house. He is great with kids. He is nice to everyone. He is cute. See?

I don't have time to post enough pictures to do the hubster and my love for him justice, so I will just leave you with this one. Hopefully after Thanksgiving festivities have died down (and I'm able to move again after all that delicious food we'll be eating!), I will take the time to put together an appropriate photog journey of our relationship so far.

So thank you, Bill, for being the most loving, compassionate, funny, smart, smart-aleck, down-to-earth, patient, sweet, good-looking guy I know. And thanks for marrying me - you're the best!

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