Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adventures in Dog Treat Land

Note: this is going to be a picture-filled post! Woohoo!

Anyways, my class tonight lasted barely an hour, and I found myself with a free evening ahead of me! No papers to write, Bill was gone, it was too cold/dark to take the boys on another walk... So what did I do, you wonder? I decided to try my hand at homemade dog treats.

I got this great little holiday cook book by the Bubba Rose company recently, because I had been wanting one and I had some Borders Bucks. 
My supplies for the foray into the world of dog treats. You can see the cute little book!
I decided on a recipe called Grandma's Apple Crisp... It actually sounded pretty good to me, despite being directed at dogs.

Ingredients: old-fashioned oats, unsweetened apple sauce, honey, cinnamon, an egg, and rice flour.
My favorite - honey! A heap of love's worth... aka a tablespoon.
The dough was a little tricky... it said to add water until it was doughy and stuck together. But then it was pretty wet, so I had to add flour when I rolled it out.
My kitchen ring holder! Now I never have to worry about losing a ring (again) while being messy in the kitchen.
As I was rolling out the dough and cutting out shapes, I realized I have a really bad baking habit... I like to sample my treats as I make them! This usually isn't so bad with cookie dough and cake icing, but this dog treat dough wasn't exactly delicious. And I will say this: the book came with a gingerbread man cookie cutter that was pretty crummy. It was much flimsier than my other cookie cutters that I used, so next time, I will just use the gingerbread man one I already own.

Ready to go into the oven! They looked pretty much the same after being cooked, so I'll spare you the photo I took of the cookies on wire racks cooling.
The book said to cook them 20-25 minutes, but I ended up cooking them about 30. They were still a little chewy on the inside, but Sensei and Preston love them! I don't have any pictures of them chowing down, mainly because they run away to eat their treats in their "spots." But Bill and I tried them, and I do have photos of that. They were made out of food we eat anyways, so we figured, why not?

I was *thisclose* into tricking Bill into thinking they were people cookies!
They were not as bad as my face makes them appear... I was just very nervous about eating a dog biscuit!

So there you have it. The cookies are now in a super-cute Santa cookie jar (Thanks Michelle! You gave it to me for Christmas about 100 years ago), with a few in a baggie to take to Teddy tomorrow (Carol at work's sweet dog!) I will definitely be trying some more of these recipes over my winter break... the recipes each make so many, but some involve peanut butter and cheese (not at the same time, though - separate recipes), which are two of my babies' favorite foods, so we'll definitely be giving those a shot!


  1. and i just had to say because i forgot to before. i LOVE the elephant ring holder!! It's so cute. I have seen some others but that is by far the cutest! and it kind of matches your ikea dishes! i am unbelievably excited to see you and to meet preston! (can you tell i might be procrastinating on a paper i am supposed to be writing?)

  2. nice apron! :) (glad to see you're using it as an apron, hahahaha)