Monday, December 13, 2010

Preston the graduate

Today the doggies found a glass bottle somewhere in the yard. This is getting dangerous! No more bones have been found, but I am still holding on to the theory of a murder victim. Bill says I watch too much CSI.

However, the real reason for this post is to commend Preston on graduating from puppy class! He can sit, stay, lay down, "leave it," and "take it" most of the time. He only pees in the house about once or twice a week, and sometimes he will even "drop it." (I feel like I am writing Liz's monthly updates for sweet Trey!) He will even run into his cage when we say "kennel," as long as there's a treat visible :) I also measured him just for fun the other day, and his back isn't even 12 full inches off the ground! Such a short little guy.

Our first true family portrait. At PetSmart.
That's about it for today. There was a lot going on this weekend, but I am mentally exhausted. That, and I don't feel up to the challenge of going through the 398 pictures I took at the karate test to find some blog-worthy ones. Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. bahaha i love that your first family photo was taken at petsmart