Saturday, December 11, 2010

Warning: This is gross.

Remember how I told you all Bill and I built the dogs a sandbox last weekend?

They love it! We hid some treats throughout the sand, so they immediately run out there to dig when we let them outside, which is great! It beats all the holes they were digging in the yard (especially that one I fell in).

But it just so happens that, of course, the spot where we put the sandbox is also where our previous neighbors buried their dog. The sandbox is really just a frame, so it doesn't have a bottom. When Preston brought a bone back inside with him the other night, we were a little confused where it came from... shouldn't he just be digging in the sandbox? We didn't notice any other new holes in the yard? And what the heck is this a bone from? But this morning when he brought back another one, Bill decided to take a look... There's a new (very deep) hole in the sandbox, and at a glance, Bill didn't see any more bones, but he did find a buried dog bowl. So chances are, that's what we're dealing with. Save me.

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