Monday, January 17, 2011

Date Night

Isn't it nice, sometimes, to just have a date night? When it's been a while since you had some quality hang-out time together, and you just want to do what you want and be yourself and laugh and have a great time?

I love date nights. And I had a fantastic one last night (yes, a Sunday night... thank you, holidays that fall on Mondays!) I'm not talking about one with Bill, though. I'm talking about my best friend Michelle. We had a little throwback night last night, where we...

... ate at Wendy's. It's right next to our high school, and was a staple of our time together those four years. Many important conversations happened in that grungy little restaurant, and I don't even want to think about the number of Frosties consumed.
... watched the final episode of Hannah Montana ever. Judge if you will, but that show is awesome. Many nights in Cobb 412 were spent lounging on the futon watching Disney Channel tgether.
... did our nails. As you will note here, I introduced and consequently forced Michelle to like brightly colored nail polish during our time as roomies. So it was only appropriate last night that we paint our nails hot pink as a tribute.

... and watched Easy A. We almost watched Lizzie McGuire (it was throwback night, remember?) but I'm glad we went with Easy A. And Miranda from Lizzie McGuire makes an appearance, so it counts. Right?
So basically this post is just a recap of how awesome it is to spend time with your best-friend-that's-not-your-spouse. Besides, if we're honest, we would all realize that Bill probably would have only done the first of those four things with me. Michelle - you rock, don't ever change :)

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