Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm back, with a vengeance.


Yes, faithful blogees, it has been an entire month since I last posted. And a lot has happened in those 31 days. Christmas came and went, a new year began, and I started back at school. But rather than try to explain everything I did since Dec. 13, I think I will just show you...

I spent some time with my husband. As you can tell from this photo, we obviously adore one another and cherish our time together.
And this same night, I got to see some great friends from Chapel Hill! I hadn't seen most of these friends since the wedding, so it was wonderful to reconnect and celebrate the engagement of Jon and Mer! (And a little shout-out to Emilee and Travis who had just gotten engaged, too... yay!! I love love.)
Bill gave me this beauty for Christmas. Does he know me or what? I spent a lot of time over the past month baking and making other food. Bill's parents' gave me the ice cream attachment, too, which I cannot wait to put to use!
And I finished the guest room! Here's the almost-completed shot. The walls are a soft gray-purple, it was hard to capture on film - err, my memory card? Anyways, the bed is mine from my parents' house (it was actually my grandparents' bed when they got married in 1946!) The bedding is something we got as a wedding gift, and it really brings out the gray in the wall color. Since this photo was taken, a lamp and some decorative items have been added. I'd also like to give a little shout-out and thank you to A and L for coming to visit... Not only was it so much fun, but it was great motivation to get the guest room guest-ready!
I read over the past month. I read a lot. And then I read some more. I decided to use this clip art picture of all these books, rather than show you the covers of each book I read. Because, well, I don't actually remember all of the books I read. That's how many I read... Isn't that awesome?
Bill and I finished up Firefly and were able to watch the film Serenity. I cried. Why does Joss Whedon do this to me?
Once we finished Firefly, we moved on to Castle: Season Two on DVD. I watch the show (which is in Season Three), and Bill does now, but he had only seen Season One on dvd. So I got Season Two on a great sale on Amazon and it's basically all we do now. Only 2 more episodes to go! Also, you may have noticed a trend for the past month - Nathan Fillion. Castle, Firefly, Serenity, and let's not forget a viewing or two of my favorite internet movie, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog.
I spent a day traveling to Chapel Hill with my mom, where the two of us went to the UNC vs W&M game. It was my mom's first UNC game, and it was so great to be back in the Dean Dome to watch Roy's Boys win.
Trivia! This is a ritual of my high school friends. Whenever we are all in town (typically over Christmas, and some time during the summer), we reunite at Big Shotz for World Tavern Trivia. While "Chlamydia is Nothing to Clap About" (Yes, that's our team name) has yet to win, it is always a great time. I went a few times over Christmas break, so the past month was marked by trivia. I also, sadly, was not diligent about taking my camera places over the break, so no pictures of my fabulous friends.
And of course, I spent some time celebrating Christmas and Jesus' birthday with my family. This included the Wilson Family First Time Secret Santa Exchange. It. Was. Hilarious. Among some of the gifts that got passed around: a Snuggie, a ShakeWeight, an AirZooka (which Bill took home and has tortured me with for the past 3 weeks), and Squinkies.
I spent a lot of time with the hubby over the past month. He had a whole week-and-a-half off of work, so we probably spent more time together in the past month than we had in all of 2010 combined! Well, it felt that way, at least. It was awesome. It snowed on Christmas Day (A White Christmas on our first as a married couple - that's a good sign, right?) and we spent some time playing in the snow with the fur babies the next few days...

Our pretty house in the pretty snow. You can see Bill on the right hand side... this was right before we made our snow angels. (Horrible idea, by the way! It was so cold lying in that snow!)

And you know I spent some time not only playing with the doggies, but having photo shoots in the snow. Here's Preston and I on Christmas Day!
Sensei. This one's my computer background!
Evidence of the time Bill and I spent playing with the dogs in the snow. Sensei loves to eat the stuff! Not only would he lick it off of the firepit - Bill's Christmas gift from me, by the way, but he would try to catch it as it fell from the sky. He also loves to try to catch snowballs, as you can see here. Such a goofball!
I also spent LOTS of time playing Just Dance with anyone and everyone who would play with me. Here's Melissa showing off her Rasputin skills.
Michelle, walking like an Egyptian. Don't kill me for posting this.
So there you have it. I danced, read, lazed around, watched DVDs, baked, cooked, celebrated, played and much more that I just don't have photographic documentation of. So this is the official first post of 2011, and hopefully not the last. Consider this my return to bloggerdom... see yall again soon!

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