Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy happy birthday!

Today, I would like to take the time to say...

to my husband/best friend/housemate/puppy co-parent/travel buddy/dance-partner/always-cooperative-photo-subject/person-who-beats-me-at-video-games-all-the-time, Bill!

Today is is truly a day to celebrate, because it is all about YOU! 

Today is also a day to....
  • party and be excited that you were born! 
  • open a blu-ray player! and a graphic novel! and some movies!
  • be just a little sad I didn't think of this first. 
  • eat some more of that delicious oreo cake your mom made! 
  • go out to dinner!
  • play with our puppies and be a family!
  • celebrate being together because I haven't seen you in almost 48 hours!
  • blow out some candles!
  • ignore how old you're getting!
  • get out of any chore you don't want to do because you're the birthday boy!
  • maybe stay up late and watch Castle from last night! (but only maybe... we are old now, you know).
  • be happy you weren't home this afternoon when Preston peed all over the sunroom!
  • open the funny card I made you!
And, in order to help me celebrate this day (perhaps this blog is a little self-serving...) here are some pictures of the super-cute/smokin-hot birthday boy!

San Diego Bill.
Wedding Day Bill. (My favorite!)
Candid at Ginger and Barry's House Bill.

Standing in our Backyard While I Have a Photoshoot with the Doggies Bill.
Puppy-Loved Bill.

Honeymoon Bill.
Beach Bum Bill.
So happy birthday, Billiam... love you SO much!

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