Sunday, February 6, 2011

The pros of being sick

I'm sick. Really sick. And I hate it. I never get this sick! Sure I'll have a cold now and then, or a bad headache. But I go to bed, and it's over the next day. I've been sick for a few days now and it's been bad. I went to an urgent care facility yesterday and they ruled out strep and mono, so it appears that I actually just have a bad virus. And you know what you can do for those?


You treat the symptoms and wait it out. So, my blood is full of Advil, vitamins, Chloroseptic and Robitussin, I've got OJ and Luden's coughdrops by my side at all times, and I am desperately hoping to feel better soon.

In the meantime, though, Bill is taking very good care of me. I've never been sick like this when we've been living together, so this is the first time he's really having to do this. (In the past, my parents always did... that's what moms and dads are for, right?) And faithful readers, I am proud to say, he is doing a great job. I've called him names once or twice for not letting me do anything, but that's just because I don't like to sit around and do nothing for a whole weekend. Maybe for an afternoon, but I haven't really done anything useful in days! A little bit of homework, but that's it. Now that he has forced me to sit back and relax, though, I am realizing the perks of being sick...

1. I get to watch Law and Order: SVU. All. Day. Long. Thank you, Netflix instant watch!

2. Bill does everything - he made the meals yesterday, and he gets me more OJ without me asking, and he lays a blanket over me when I'm falling asleep, and he washes the dogs without making me help, and he unloaded the dishwasher (a miracle in itself) and he gets me more medicine when I need it, and he took me to urgent care, and today, he ran errands and brought me home a cookout milkshake! just what my sore throat needed.

3. I've almost finished book 3 of the Codex of Alera! I read a lot yesterday, in between my strenuous television watching and the exhausting 1.5 hour nap I took.

4. I have avoided homework for the most part. Legitimate right? Ruby told me yesterday not to do homework, because I need to be relaxing and healing. And hey, when an eleven-year-old tells me what to do, I do it.

5. I've been in my pajamas for almost 48 hours. Yes. I will say, though, I have been taking showers daily. I just happen to change back into pajamas when I'm done.

That was my quick update... it took a lot out of me, so obviously I'm headed back to the land of Stabler-and-Benson-love.

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