Thursday, March 31, 2011

Song Challenge, Day 2

Day 2: Favorite Cover Song

This was yet again, a difficult choice. I promised not to choose a Bon Jovi song every day (but have you heard Jon's version of "Levon?"), but it was still hard to pick one beyond that. Do I go with classic (Like GNR's version of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door?") or funny (Jonathan Coulton's cover of Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills") or even alternative (Cake's take on "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor is one of my favorites)?

In the end, though, I had to go with the one that I have been listening to the most in recent months. Which is Michael Grimm (winner of America's Got Talent! I don't really watch that show, but I saw his audition, and I picked him as the winner, and weeks later, it turned out America agreed!) and his version of "So Tired of Being Alone," originally by Al Green. He sang it on AGT one night, which was only 90 seconds long. Luckily, the full version is on his CD.... Sadly, I can't find a music video for it, so here's at least the song on youtube.

But since you can't see him and his beautiful face singing, I highly encourage you to youtube him yourself! Enjoy!

A little of this, a little of that

Dear friends,

Do you remember this post from not-so-long-ago? The one where I implored Mother Nature and her precipitation minions to leave my family alone?

Well, they didn't listen. And they came back again this week. With a vengeance. In fact, Mother Nature seems to have forgotten the fact that on March 18, just less than two weeks ago, North Carolina had a record high. And Spring has sprung! It's official. Flowers have bloomed, the grass is turning green, and oh yeah  - it's 46 degrees outside. And yesterday, along with the almost-freezing weather, it rained. And turned our backyard into one. giant. mess. of. mud.


Here, my mud puppies are begging me with their eyes to let them in the house... yeah right! I see the mess your muddy paws left on the door.
Sensei, proudly showing off his newest mud badge on his side.
And here's Preston, proving that I am most certainly not exaggerating when it comes to telling all of you about how dirty he is. This dog is supposed to be jet black! I think he just tries to find the biggest, nastiest mud puddle in the whole backyard, and then he just rolls around in it.
Needless to say, the pups got baths last night. And then the bathtub got a bath. And then I got a bath. You get the drift... So you see, if the sun could come up and dry up the backyard, I would be super appreciative. And before I move on to my next topic of conversation, just two more gratuitous pictures of my pooches!

Preston's newest trick... walking laps on the firepit!
I cannot get enough of this sweet dog. So funny!
Now, moving on. I'm sure you all know of my love/obsession with Dancing With the Stars. Carrie Ann Inaba is my favorite judge, and she got engaged on Live with Regis and Kelly today. There's a whole backstory on, but here is a clip. I won't lie... I teared up when I watched it. It's just so happy!

And finally, this last story is for Lisa. I have my own injury story to share! And pictures to go along with it. Usually when I wake up in the mornings, I use the bathroom first thing. Here is a drawing of our room, so you can understand what's going on...

I apologize for my rudimentary computer drawing skills. And the exorbitant amount of doors in our bedroom...
Anyways, I typically go to the bathroom, and then walk either to my dresser or the closet to get some clothes for the day. But on Monday, I woke up and used the bathroom when Bill woke up. (He gets up about 40 minutes before me.) When my alarm did go off, I didn't have to use the bathroom, so I walked straight to the dresser. In the dark. And damned if I didn't walk right into the bed, hitting just above my knee on the footboard. I may or may not have fallen on the ground and cried in the dark for a minute. The pain was that bad. Of course later that day, I was reading books to the children in my practicum and they kept wanting to sit on my lap! And I kept sucking it up for about 4 pages, then telling the kids to get off because my leg was killing me. And it's not much better today. It does look a little cooler every day, though... Here's a couple shots from last night. Enjoy!

Please excuse the blinding whiteness of my legs, but do you see that nasty bruise? It hasn't changed much between last night and today, but I'll keep you updated on the healing process! Aren't you excited?

That's all for right now... I'll be back soon (aka within the hour) with my Day 2 Song Challenge answer!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge

Has anyone heard of this? A couple of my friends are doing it on facebook, and since I love music and blogging, I thought I'd give this a shot. (Yes, I love blogging, I am just not very consistent with it!) Basically, for the next 30 days, I will post a song. Not just a random songs, there are rules to this thing! There are a couple variations of the challenge I have found, so I am just going to decide between the two versions, day-by-day. Day 1 is the same for all of them though, so here goes...

Day 01 - your favorite song

Whoa. This is harder than I thought, and it's only Day 1. I'd have to say it is probably "I Believe" by Bon Jovi. And I promise not to put a Bon Jovi song for every day of this challenge! But they are my favorite band, and this is my favorite song by them, so it only makes sense.

The music rocks, and the lyrics actually mean something to me. And for those of you fellow Titans from 2006, I may or may not have used a couple lines from this song as my senior quote in the yearbook... don't hate.

"Don't look up to your movie screens, your records or your magazines. Just close your eyes, and you will see that you are all you really need."

Told you they have meaning.

So what about you, faithful readers? What's your favorite song?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Newest Project

Bill and I have decided to become gardeners/weeders/planters/landscapers. Not really out of choice, but more of necessity. Have you seen our front yard?

Not so cute. I mean, I love our house, but there are some funky things going on in the front yard. Like the randomly-placed 5 or 6 trees. And the one area of bushes in the front right. And lack of flowers, except for one weird bunch of creeping phlox next to that CACTUS by the front door.
And let's not forget the hideous bushes next to the house. Here's a closer look:
You can also see the cactus and creeping phlox mentioned above, as well as one two-foot-tall-has-yet-to-show-any-green-or-sign-of-life-that-we-have-no-idea-what-it-is-plant.
So we want to tear up the bushes, as well as maybe some of the trees (a few are still bush-size, it wouldn't be difficult at all). We'd like to replace the bushes by the house, probably with forsythia. Which seems to be aptly-named, because it is EVERYWHERE around here. But it is a fun, bright color, and we love it. We'd also like to put in lots of flowers in front of the forsythia, as well as some at the front of the yard. And don't get me started on the vegetable/fruit/herb garden of our dreams we have planned for the back yard. This is a huge undertaking, and I am under no illusions that it will all get done this year. In fact, I bet most of it won't. But it's fun to dream and plan. And it will be a reality. It might be 2013 by then, but it will get done.

That's not to say we haven't done any work yet, though. We've added pine needles in the front yard, which has already made things 100% better looking. Bill and I visited LA Reynolds last week, our local garden center, and spent the better part of an hour and a half oohing and ahhing and planning out our dream yard. Sadly, our wallets don't share our dreams right now, so we have divided our plan into stages. We bought some flowers, and decided to connect that weird bush area with the frontmost tree in our yard. Don't worry, I've got photographic evidence of that adventure later in this post. The rest of the 2011 Spring stage includes maybe replacing the bushes... Depending on how many we need, and what kind of deal we can get on them. I feel good knowing we've started the plan, at least.

The yard work was really nice for a while, because we had about a week's worth of nice warm spring weather, complete with light breezes and bright sunshine and tank tops and shorts and flip flops. And then Bill and I planted flowers and within three days it was snowing. Go figure.

Bill covers our new plants at night and they seem to have survived so far. In fact, one of our poppy plants has a new bloom! I don't have any pictures of them after their plantings, but you can be sure I will keep you all updated on our gardening adventures and the mortal status of the new additions to our home. Besides, Michelle said I have to. :)

Now, it's time for what you've all been waiting for... pictures! Bill and I are amateurs, and it is SO hard for me to have patience with this! Patience is not my strong suit, and I don't like waiting for results. So right now, the placement of the flowers is bugging me. I want them to be big and overlapping one another, and I want to have the money to plant tons at once! But apparently flowers cannot be planted on top of one another (roots grow and need room to do so, blah blah blah) and they have to be spaced out, so it's a little goofy looking right now. But they are bright and cheery and I love them. I'll just love them a little more when they are bright, cheery, and LARGE.

Here's a before shot of where we planted the flowers. We did it Friday evening, so the sun was setting, so bear with me and the not so sunny photos. See the set of bushes on the right? We are going to tear up the far left one eventually. My dream is to have a rhododendron bush up there one day.
Mixing planting soil with that lovely red clay mess North Carolina likes to pretend is soil.
Orange poppies, orange gerber daisies, and yellow wallflowers. There's a pink ice plant in there, too, but it won't bloom for a while. So pretty!
Bill actually picked these out! Apparently he likes colors besides gray, navy, black and brown. Who knew?
Testing placements. Our plan includes more wallflowers and daisies, but these things add up quickly!
Transplanting one of our poppy plants. This one now has blooms!
Transplanted. Ready for the pine needles. Which totally overwhelms them currently. But they will grow and it will be (more) beautiful one day.
After shot. Excuse my camera bag, knee pad, empty soil bags, empty planters, and the wagon. I promise this stuff (usually) isn't scattered all over the front yard!
So there you have it. Our first foray into the world of plants that grow outside of pots in our kitchen window. It's only been four days, but things are looking good!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Let me tell you...

... about the weekend my dogs had.

They are nuts. Did I say I wanted a third one? I think two might be enough for now. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow, though. (Just look at this cutie - ahh! Maybe I'll change my mind now...)

In a span of just 48 hours, here's what happened in the Fischer household:

- Preston gave himself a bath in the waterbowl outside. He splashes himself with his front paw often, or will even walk through it. But no, I went to let the dogs in, and all four legs and his stomach were soaking wet. Did I mention he was standing on our deck box with his front paws on the top of our grill when I found him? Because he was.
- Sensei's collar went missing. And then Bill found it. Unclipped. In the back yard. With a giant chew mark through it. Needless to say, a PetSmart run was made.
- They ate a Bark Off. You know, one of these:

We went to Lake Norman for the day to visit Bill's parents. My mom stopped by to let the dogs out, and then she left them locked in the sunroom for the rest of the afternoon. (We told her to do this, I'm not blaming anything on my wonderful mama!) We feel bad when they're locked up all day, so we left some toys and bones in there, too. Unfortunately, we forgot the Bark Off was sitting on a windowsill. We got home, peeked through the window and saw that the Bark Off was in about 100 chewed-up, mangled, slobbery bits. The dogs have yet to show any signs of sickness, and the battery was untouched, so we think they're fine. Also unfortunate - we'd had the device less than 24 hours, so who knows if it would have worked?

- Preston somehow made it on to the table we have in our sunroom. And it's not a side table... No, it is a legit, normal height, kitchen table. Bill and I heard him barking, so when Bill went to check on him, he found him on the table. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that!

There's yet to be a mishap today (knock on wood), so we'll see how the rest of the evening goes. I love my pups, don't get me wrong, but they can drive me nuts sometimes! If this is what having kids is like, don't count on seeing any baby Fischers any time soon!

And in other news - this is my 100th post! Woohoo! I wish I had something exciting to give away, or something profound to say, but I don't. Instead, I think I'll write a lesson plan, eat dinner, and settle in for Dancing With the Stars! Happy Monday, everyone :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a blur. Why? Well, I packed a lot of things into not that much time. Take a look...

Like a Duke game on Friday. (And a Michigan-Tennessee game before it). Sadly, Duke crushed Hampton. I was sitting next to a Duke fan, but he was a pastor and he was nice, and it wasn't so bad.

Then I got to see Roy and his boys!

Go Heels!

A win over Long Island. Next up was Washington-UGA.

Then I got up early Saturday morning to watch Bill compete in a karate tournament. He won first place here...

... and second place here! So proud.

Ruby (on the left) took home first place in sparring. She's awesome!

Ginger's proud :)

Then I did homework, but I didn't take any pictures of that. I did take pictures of my dogs playing outside...

the tulip magnolia in our front yard...

my baby Sensei cheesin' on the back deck...

our Bradford Pear (this is when I was supposed to be helping Bill lay pine needles!)...

and my baby Preston having a good old time, goofing off in front of the camera.

I also went to see The Adjustment Bureau. I wasn't expecting to really like it - mainly because I didn't really understand the previews- but I did! It's a love story at its core, so you know I enjoyed it!
There were also some more basketball games Sunday, but I haven't uploaded the photos yet. Did anyone watch that UNC - Washington game? It might have been the most stressful two hours of my life, screaming my head off in the Bobcats arena. At least now I have until Friday to prepare myself... I love March Madness!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Take me back!

As promised, I'm doing a little post about our beach trip this past weekend. My parents took Sensei and Preston for the weekend, Bill took the day off work, and we headed down Friday morning. The weather was a little chilly Friday and Saturday, but it was gorgeous outside. We stayed at a resort (yippee, off-season!), which was oceanfront and had this great pool area that reminded us of Vegas! There were a couple of big pools, tons of palm trees and beach chairs, and even an area with several hammocks! The water was way too cold to get in, but armed with sweaters and books, we spent a lot of time lazing around reading and walking on the beach! We didn't spend the entire vacation at the resort, though - we spent some time at the outlets (amazingly, we only spent money at Under Armour and Yankee Candle - hello, strawberry buttercream candles, you are my new favorite), we went to Broadway at the Beach and spent a few hours of MagiQuest - no surprise there!- ate at Margaritaville (which is DELICIOUS, btw) and even took our first set of photos in a photobooth! I'll have to scan those in later... we're pretty cute, if I can be honest.

Anyways, now that you've made it through the text recap, here are some of my favorite pictures from our little getaway!

Our first afternoon there, taking a walk.

The only picture of us from the trip... but hey,  it's a good one!

It was so beautiful outside, I couldn't stop taking photos.

View from our room!

One (of many) shot of the pool area!

Broadway at the Beach. That red bag by my feet is from River Street Sweets. Pralines = heaven. Enough said.

Hubby lounging on our last day there. So relaxing.
If you know me, you know my tendency to take 10x as many pictures as a normal human, so there are lots more. But these were some of my favorites!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


to have your mind blown.

The bartender with Tourette's from Boondock Saints is the same man as Doc from Fraggle Rock! One of my favorite movies, one of my favorite shows.

They couldn't be more opposite, though... Warning: the Boondock Saints clip has very strong language!

And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio

Bonus points if you know the song that's from! (And no, it's not by Bon Jovi...)

Bill and I went to the beach this past weekend (pictures tomorrow! get excited!) and it was relaxing and amazing and wonderful. It was also a 4ish hour car ride each way. I also have an 80+ minute round trip drive to work every day. Add in a drive to Charlotte and back on a weeknight, and I have spent a lot of time in the car lately - listening to a lot of radio. And I've learned a lot these past few days.

1. For instance - if Ke$ha is the sing-talk girl (see below if you sadly haven't been introduced to this term yet), then Katy Perry is sing-yell.

2. Prince is coming to town next weekend. Which means he's getting played on the radio. A lot. But I'm down with "Raspberry Beret" and "I Would Die 4 U," so it's not too bad.

3. It's a really upsetting moment to flip to a station, hear a song you love (in my case yesterday afternoon, it was "Livin' On A Prayer"), and start grooving just to realize the song is 10 seconds from the end.

4. Related to the above, it is WAY better to hear your favorite band on the radio than it is on a cd. I think it's because it validates your feelings that they rock, because you know other people listen to them, too. That's my theory, at least.

5. "Thailand's Got Talent" has a transgendered contestant this season who can sing as a man and a woman, and both voices are good!

6. Neil Young is coming to town on my birthday, and I can't go. Depressing.

7. No station is safe from Taylor Swift. Again, depressing.

8. Chicago rocks. This will probably prove life-saving for Lisa, considering her propensity for injuries.

9. Bill is finally learning the game - when "Free Bird" was playing in the car last night and I asked him "Who is this?" he answered correctly! And he wasn't guessing!

That's all for tonight! The next few days promise to be exciting - NCAA tournament, karate tournament, posting pictures from the beach (for all you bloggie followers!), avoiding being peed on by Preston (the score this week is Me-0, Dog-2),  and maybe even some homework!

And, since it's been a while since any pooch picture posts, here are a couple I took just now to tide the fans over...

please excuse the background mess in these photos... not everything has found its place in our new home yet!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's only just begun...

Today is only the third day of Spring Break, and already I am completely relaxed, happy, and dreading the return of school in 8 days!

So far I have had a sleepover with some great friends from work, lunch and movie with my dad, Bill, Ginger and Barry, introduced Bill to the wonder of Chick-fil-a's chicken minis, had a massage (a great Christmas gift from G&B), done a little shopping, and of course, watched UNC crush Duke!

Now on to the ACC Tournament... let's go, Heels!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A star (was) born

Happy birthday, Jon Bon Jovi!

To celebrate the day this star was born, I thought I would do a little recap of last Monday’s concert in Raleigh. AKA one of the best Bon Jovi concerts I have ever been to. I’ve been to nine, so that’s saying something. Also, as a warning, this is a total nerd post. Feel free to stop reading now.

If you're still with me, let’s start with the set list. (No, I didn’t memorize it – I just found it online!)

Blood on Blood
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born to be My Baby
We Weren’t Born to Follow
Lost Highway
Whole Lot of Leavin’
It’s My Life
The More Things Change
We Got It Goin’ On
Bad Medicine (with Pretty Woman)
Lay Your Hands on Me
What Do You Got?
I’ll be There For You
Something For the Pain
Someday I’ll be Saturday Night
Who Says You Can’t Go Home?
Sleep When I’m Dead
No Apologies
Have A Nice Day
Keep The Faith
Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin’ On A Prayer

Awesome, right? You may not know every song, but I recommend them all. I was a little surprised at the lack of some concert staples (“Captain Crash,” “Raise Your Hands,” and even “Hallelujah” as an encore). I was excited about the addition of a couple I had never seen live before, though. The band put out a greatest hits collection in the fall, with four new songs on it, and they played three of those at last week’s show – “No Apologies,” “What Do You Got?” and “The More Things Change.” I was really happy about that last one, it’s my favorite of the new songs.
Usually during the concerts, the lights go out about halfway through, and when they come back on, Jon Bon Jovi is in the middle of the crowd somewhere and he sings a slow song or two. And by a slow song or two, I mean “Bed of Roses” and “(You Want to) Make a Memory.” I like these songs, but this is typically my cue to rest my feet or run to the bathroom. Luckily, neither of these were played this time around! For the first time in nine concerts, I didn’t have to sit through “Bed of Roses.” In fact, I didn’t sit down or leave for the bathroom at all during the entire concert. Anyways, during this particular show, when the lights came back on, Jon Bon Jovi was by himself on the walkway out in front of the stage. Neat, expected, cool. He sang “What Do You Got?” and I of course loved it. Then, guitarist Richie Sambora joined him, and they sang “I’ll Be There For You.” Also kind of expected, but still wonderful. Then, the cool stuff happened. David Bryan (keyboardist) and Tico Torres (drummer) joined the other two on the walkway and performed unplugged versions of “Something For The Pain” and “Saturday Night.” SO AWESOME. Apparently, it was the first time Torres had ever come out from behind his drumset like that, and it was amazing. “Something For The Pain” is not one of their most popular songs, but it is one of my favorites, and I had never seen it performed live before. A.Maze.Ing. I’d seen “Saturday Night” once or twice before, but never like this. It made the RBC Center feel a little smaller, a little more intimate, and a whole lot more awesome.
I feel like the band had more energy than the last time I saw them (last year, on the end of their last leg of the tour), and it translated to the overall aspect of the concert. The whole place was packed full of people singing and dancing (and in the case of the drunk girl behind us, hitting on my dad). I was a little disappointed the encore was only two songs, as it’s usually at least three, sometimes four. The concert lasted a littler longer than usual, so a short encore kind of evened it out. My only wish is that it had last two more hours. And that they would have played “I Believe.” My favorite Bon Jovi song, and they almost never play it at concerts.
The concert was amazing, my pictures are not so good (I’m sneaking my SLR in next time!), and I had a great time. I’ve been so pumped up since, I’ve been watching Bon Jovi concert DVDs while I run on the elliptical all week.
Final note: the show made me love the band even more – who would have thought it possible?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I won an award!

A blogging award, that is.

Tonight I was going to post this great review of the Bon Jovi concert last week (seriously, it might have been the best yet), but alas, that girl who just happens to be my best friend over at My Own Kind of Carolina Blue tagged me with the "7 Facts Award!"

So here is how it works...

1. Tag the person who tagged you. (Done!)
2. Post 7 facts about yourself. (Coming up!)
3. Tag others! (Will do!)

Here we go! These may or may not be things you already know, but they are things about me nonetheless!

1. I LOVE baking. 
I'm the complete opposite of Michelle in this realm. I love to bake, and I like to cook. I could make cupcakes and cookies and pies and bread all day long, and it would be the best life ever. Bill always says he feels bad I spend so much time in the kitchen, but it is so relaxing to me. And fulfilling - I love eating something delicious that I made! Case in point: the chocolate chip banana bread from this past weekend. And the peanut-butter-and-chocolate cupcakes (with Reeses in the middle!) that I made for a doc student's birthday last night. 
This is one of my favorite cakes... I was so proud of it!

2. If I could have ten dogs, I would.
Sadly, Bill has put his foot down and said no more than two. But think of it like this: I love Sensei. A lot. And when we got Preston, I loved him just as much. My heart grew! Think about what a loving person I could be with TEN dogs! I'd be the next Mother Teresa!

3. I love to travel and I love photography. (I promise these are related.) 
I love to take pictures of new things and share them with my friends and family. It actually doesn't have to be places that I like to photograph, it can be people (or dogs) or flowers or houses or anything. I like the stories behind things, and I like to tell the stories of when I take pictures - as my friend Anita said, she felt like she'd been to Vegas after viewing and reading the captions in my facebook album from the honeymoon! Coupled with my love for all things travel-related (road trips, hotels, mini-shampoo bottles, packing, going to zoos and museums and parks, and on and on...), photography lets me capture a trip and go back and remember all the good times years later! I would really love to travel to Europe again with my good camera. And of course, I'd get to explore all those fun places with Bill!
See? Fuzzy. That 2005-digital camera just didn't cut it. Please, oh please, take me back!
4. Bill and I got married on the 5-year anniversary of our first kiss. And not on purpose.
Here's how we picked the date for our wedding: we wanted it outside in the fall. August was too hot, October was too cold. That left September.
September 4: Labor Day weekend. No thanks!
September 11: Not the best day for happy memories. (Although many vendors were offering discounts for that day...)
September 25: Kind of late. Too close to October.
So September 18 it was. As many of you probably don't know, I kept a journal throughout most of high school. I wrote in it almost every day, about ordinary things ("Today, I went to school and ate lunch with Melissa! So fun!") and exciting things ("OMG!!! BILL KISSED ME!!!") A few weeks after we'd booked Rosa Lee, I was packing up my old journals and reading through them. And I saw that Bill first made his move on September 18, 2005. It may sound super sappy and cheesy, but isn't it kind of cute? Our first kiss as boyfriend/girlfriend and our first kiss as husband/wife were exactly 5 years apart!

5. I love anything and everything Disney.
Mickey Mouse, Disney World, the giant snowglobes I collect and display in the house, Winnie the Pooh, Disney movies, Christmas ornaments, movie soundtracks, even Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers... I love it all. Not in the weird, I'm-22-and-have-a-Tinkerbell-pillow-case way, but more in the nostalgic sense. And the I-can-totally-shamelessly-dance-the-Hoedown-Throwdown-with-my-BFF-Ruby kind of way.

6. My two favorite foods are cheese and chocolate.
This includes cream cheese. I love food in general, but cheese and chocolate are like heaven in my mouth. Especially when they're combined - hello cheesecake brownies!
I thought I had a picture, but I just can't find it. So take a look at Smitten Kitchen's version - I stole the recipe from her, anyway!
7.  Music is an obsession.
If only I were even mildly talented in that domain. Sure, I can kick your butt at JustDance on the Wii, and I played trombone in my middle school band, and I can belt out every lyric to every Bon Jovi song ever, but I actually have no rhythm, coordination, or a singing voice. I make up for this in enthusiasm, though. I love music. (Obviously my favorite is Bon Jovi, but beyond that, I have a lot of love for most anything. Especially U2, The Who, Queen, the Eagles, Elvis Presley, Steve Miller Band, Trapeze, Pink Floyd, and even some modern stuff like Mika, the 88, Kaiser Chiefs and a little Michael Buble.) As most of you know, classic rock is the greatest thing since sliced bread in my honest opinion, and my father and I even made the pilgrimage to Cleveland in the summer of 2008 to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'm drooling just thinking about how awesome it was.

There you have it - seven things you may or may not have known, and may or may not have wanted to know! I would say TAG to Lisa, but Michelle stole her. And seeing as how most blogs I read are actually people I don't know (Do you think Ree or the Petersiks would be game?), I am only tagging Melissa over at My Life on an Air Mattress. You're it!