Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge

Has anyone heard of this? A couple of my friends are doing it on facebook, and since I love music and blogging, I thought I'd give this a shot. (Yes, I love blogging, I am just not very consistent with it!) Basically, for the next 30 days, I will post a song. Not just a random songs, there are rules to this thing! There are a couple variations of the challenge I have found, so I am just going to decide between the two versions, day-by-day. Day 1 is the same for all of them though, so here goes...

Day 01 - your favorite song

Whoa. This is harder than I thought, and it's only Day 1. I'd have to say it is probably "I Believe" by Bon Jovi. And I promise not to put a Bon Jovi song for every day of this challenge! But they are my favorite band, and this is my favorite song by them, so it only makes sense.

The music rocks, and the lyrics actually mean something to me. And for those of you fellow Titans from 2006, I may or may not have used a couple lines from this song as my senior quote in the yearbook... don't hate.

"Don't look up to your movie screens, your records or your magazines. Just close your eyes, and you will see that you are all you really need."

Told you they have meaning.

So what about you, faithful readers? What's your favorite song?

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