Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I won an award!

A blogging award, that is.

Tonight I was going to post this great review of the Bon Jovi concert last week (seriously, it might have been the best yet), but alas, that girl who just happens to be my best friend over at My Own Kind of Carolina Blue tagged me with the "7 Facts Award!"

So here is how it works...

1. Tag the person who tagged you. (Done!)
2. Post 7 facts about yourself. (Coming up!)
3. Tag others! (Will do!)

Here we go! These may or may not be things you already know, but they are things about me nonetheless!

1. I LOVE baking. 
I'm the complete opposite of Michelle in this realm. I love to bake, and I like to cook. I could make cupcakes and cookies and pies and bread all day long, and it would be the best life ever. Bill always says he feels bad I spend so much time in the kitchen, but it is so relaxing to me. And fulfilling - I love eating something delicious that I made! Case in point: the chocolate chip banana bread from this past weekend. And the peanut-butter-and-chocolate cupcakes (with Reeses in the middle!) that I made for a doc student's birthday last night. 
This is one of my favorite cakes... I was so proud of it!

2. If I could have ten dogs, I would.
Sadly, Bill has put his foot down and said no more than two. But think of it like this: I love Sensei. A lot. And when we got Preston, I loved him just as much. My heart grew! Think about what a loving person I could be with TEN dogs! I'd be the next Mother Teresa!

3. I love to travel and I love photography. (I promise these are related.) 
I love to take pictures of new things and share them with my friends and family. It actually doesn't have to be places that I like to photograph, it can be people (or dogs) or flowers or houses or anything. I like the stories behind things, and I like to tell the stories of when I take pictures - as my friend Anita said, she felt like she'd been to Vegas after viewing and reading the captions in my facebook album from the honeymoon! Coupled with my love for all things travel-related (road trips, hotels, mini-shampoo bottles, packing, going to zoos and museums and parks, and on and on...), photography lets me capture a trip and go back and remember all the good times years later! I would really love to travel to Europe again with my good camera. And of course, I'd get to explore all those fun places with Bill!
See? Fuzzy. That 2005-digital camera just didn't cut it. Please, oh please, take me back!
4. Bill and I got married on the 5-year anniversary of our first kiss. And not on purpose.
Here's how we picked the date for our wedding: we wanted it outside in the fall. August was too hot, October was too cold. That left September.
September 4: Labor Day weekend. No thanks!
September 11: Not the best day for happy memories. (Although many vendors were offering discounts for that day...)
September 25: Kind of late. Too close to October.
So September 18 it was. As many of you probably don't know, I kept a journal throughout most of high school. I wrote in it almost every day, about ordinary things ("Today, I went to school and ate lunch with Melissa! So fun!") and exciting things ("OMG!!! BILL KISSED ME!!!") A few weeks after we'd booked Rosa Lee, I was packing up my old journals and reading through them. And I saw that Bill first made his move on September 18, 2005. It may sound super sappy and cheesy, but isn't it kind of cute? Our first kiss as boyfriend/girlfriend and our first kiss as husband/wife were exactly 5 years apart!

5. I love anything and everything Disney.
Mickey Mouse, Disney World, the giant snowglobes I collect and display in the house, Winnie the Pooh, Disney movies, Christmas ornaments, movie soundtracks, even Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers... I love it all. Not in the weird, I'm-22-and-have-a-Tinkerbell-pillow-case way, but more in the nostalgic sense. And the I-can-totally-shamelessly-dance-the-Hoedown-Throwdown-with-my-BFF-Ruby kind of way.

6. My two favorite foods are cheese and chocolate.
This includes cream cheese. I love food in general, but cheese and chocolate are like heaven in my mouth. Especially when they're combined - hello cheesecake brownies!
I thought I had a picture, but I just can't find it. So take a look at Smitten Kitchen's version - I stole the recipe from her, anyway!
7.  Music is an obsession.
If only I were even mildly talented in that domain. Sure, I can kick your butt at JustDance on the Wii, and I played trombone in my middle school band, and I can belt out every lyric to every Bon Jovi song ever, but I actually have no rhythm, coordination, or a singing voice. I make up for this in enthusiasm, though. I love music. (Obviously my favorite is Bon Jovi, but beyond that, I have a lot of love for most anything. Especially U2, The Who, Queen, the Eagles, Elvis Presley, Steve Miller Band, Trapeze, Pink Floyd, and even some modern stuff like Mika, the 88, Kaiser Chiefs and a little Michael Buble.) As most of you know, classic rock is the greatest thing since sliced bread in my honest opinion, and my father and I even made the pilgrimage to Cleveland in the summer of 2008 to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'm drooling just thinking about how awesome it was.

There you have it - seven things you may or may not have known, and may or may not have wanted to know! I would say TAG to Lisa, but Michelle stole her. And seeing as how most blogs I read are actually people I don't know (Do you think Ree or the Petersiks would be game?), I am only tagging Melissa over at My Life on an Air Mattress. You're it!

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