Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's only just begun...

Today is only the third day of Spring Break, and already I am completely relaxed, happy, and dreading the return of school in 8 days!

So far I have had a sleepover with some great friends from work, lunch and movie with my dad, Bill, Ginger and Barry, introduced Bill to the wonder of Chick-fil-a's chicken minis, had a massage (a great Christmas gift from G&B), done a little shopping, and of course, watched UNC crush Duke!

Now on to the ACC Tournament... let's go, Heels!


  1. I'm so jeal! My spring break can't come soon enough!!!!!! ahhh

  2. I hate you. My spring break isn't for three more weeks...and even then I think we have workdays Monday-Wednesday.

    But, I'm glad you're relaxing- you've earned it! :)