Monday, March 28, 2011

Let me tell you...

... about the weekend my dogs had.

They are nuts. Did I say I wanted a third one? I think two might be enough for now. I'll probably change my mind tomorrow, though. (Just look at this cutie - ahh! Maybe I'll change my mind now...)

In a span of just 48 hours, here's what happened in the Fischer household:

- Preston gave himself a bath in the waterbowl outside. He splashes himself with his front paw often, or will even walk through it. But no, I went to let the dogs in, and all four legs and his stomach were soaking wet. Did I mention he was standing on our deck box with his front paws on the top of our grill when I found him? Because he was.
- Sensei's collar went missing. And then Bill found it. Unclipped. In the back yard. With a giant chew mark through it. Needless to say, a PetSmart run was made.
- They ate a Bark Off. You know, one of these:

We went to Lake Norman for the day to visit Bill's parents. My mom stopped by to let the dogs out, and then she left them locked in the sunroom for the rest of the afternoon. (We told her to do this, I'm not blaming anything on my wonderful mama!) We feel bad when they're locked up all day, so we left some toys and bones in there, too. Unfortunately, we forgot the Bark Off was sitting on a windowsill. We got home, peeked through the window and saw that the Bark Off was in about 100 chewed-up, mangled, slobbery bits. The dogs have yet to show any signs of sickness, and the battery was untouched, so we think they're fine. Also unfortunate - we'd had the device less than 24 hours, so who knows if it would have worked?

- Preston somehow made it on to the table we have in our sunroom. And it's not a side table... No, it is a legit, normal height, kitchen table. Bill and I heard him barking, so when Bill went to check on him, he found him on the table. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that!

There's yet to be a mishap today (knock on wood), so we'll see how the rest of the evening goes. I love my pups, don't get me wrong, but they can drive me nuts sometimes! If this is what having kids is like, don't count on seeing any baby Fischers any time soon!

And in other news - this is my 100th post! Woohoo! I wish I had something exciting to give away, or something profound to say, but I don't. Instead, I think I'll write a lesson plan, eat dinner, and settle in for Dancing With the Stars! Happy Monday, everyone :)

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