Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

Dear friends,

Do you remember this post from not-so-long-ago? The one where I implored Mother Nature and her precipitation minions to leave my family alone?

Well, they didn't listen. And they came back again this week. With a vengeance. In fact, Mother Nature seems to have forgotten the fact that on March 18, just less than two weeks ago, North Carolina had a record high. And Spring has sprung! It's official. Flowers have bloomed, the grass is turning green, and oh yeah  - it's 46 degrees outside. And yesterday, along with the almost-freezing weather, it rained. And turned our backyard into one. giant. mess. of. mud.


Here, my mud puppies are begging me with their eyes to let them in the house... yeah right! I see the mess your muddy paws left on the door.
Sensei, proudly showing off his newest mud badge on his side.
And here's Preston, proving that I am most certainly not exaggerating when it comes to telling all of you about how dirty he is. This dog is supposed to be jet black! I think he just tries to find the biggest, nastiest mud puddle in the whole backyard, and then he just rolls around in it.
Needless to say, the pups got baths last night. And then the bathtub got a bath. And then I got a bath. You get the drift... So you see, if the sun could come up and dry up the backyard, I would be super appreciative. And before I move on to my next topic of conversation, just two more gratuitous pictures of my pooches!

Preston's newest trick... walking laps on the firepit!
I cannot get enough of this sweet dog. So funny!
Now, moving on. I'm sure you all know of my love/obsession with Dancing With the Stars. Carrie Ann Inaba is my favorite judge, and she got engaged on Live with Regis and Kelly today. There's a whole backstory on, but here is a clip. I won't lie... I teared up when I watched it. It's just so happy!

And finally, this last story is for Lisa. I have my own injury story to share! And pictures to go along with it. Usually when I wake up in the mornings, I use the bathroom first thing. Here is a drawing of our room, so you can understand what's going on...

I apologize for my rudimentary computer drawing skills. And the exorbitant amount of doors in our bedroom...
Anyways, I typically go to the bathroom, and then walk either to my dresser or the closet to get some clothes for the day. But on Monday, I woke up and used the bathroom when Bill woke up. (He gets up about 40 minutes before me.) When my alarm did go off, I didn't have to use the bathroom, so I walked straight to the dresser. In the dark. And damned if I didn't walk right into the bed, hitting just above my knee on the footboard. I may or may not have fallen on the ground and cried in the dark for a minute. The pain was that bad. Of course later that day, I was reading books to the children in my practicum and they kept wanting to sit on my lap! And I kept sucking it up for about 4 pages, then telling the kids to get off because my leg was killing me. And it's not much better today. It does look a little cooler every day, though... Here's a couple shots from last night. Enjoy!

Please excuse the blinding whiteness of my legs, but do you see that nasty bruise? It hasn't changed much between last night and today, but I'll keep you updated on the healing process! Aren't you excited?

That's all for right now... I'll be back soon (aka within the hour) with my Day 2 Song Challenge answer!

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