Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have really been struggling lately with the amount of school work I have. None of it is difficult - so far, this masters' program isn't any harder than UNC was - but there's just a lot of it, and I really find myself lacking motivation. I sit down at the computer and waste SO much time. I tell myself I'll work on papers, but then this is what really happens...

 It's especially frustrating, because I feel as though this is what my life has become lately: Get up at 6:40. Eat, dress, pack lunch, drive to work. Work until 2:30, drive home, let the dogs out, sit at my computer in class from 4 to 7 (2 or 3 nights a week).

By the time class is over, I do not want to sit at the computer any longer doing homework! Or anything productive for that matter. Do you know, I didn't make dinner a single weeknight for two weeks in a row? And that is actually something I enjoy doing. I was just lacking the energy to do anything. Now that the semester is winding up, I have a lot to do. I feel like I am constantly doing homework for each class meeting, but that doesn't leave me any time to do my major, end-of-the-semester papers and presentations. So I am challenging myself in front of all you readers, in order to keep me accountable. I am going to work on each of my term papers at least 30 minutes a day. Hear that, self? And if I am not working on papers, I am not allowed to sit at the computer doing nothing. I can check my email and blog list, and update this thing, but that's it! No more surfing the web as an avoidance mechanism. And if I'm not on the computer, I'm not allowed to sit and watch the TV. (Unless it is one of my shows that I watch regularly, or whatever series Bill and I are going through on Netflix. What I mean is, no channel flipping or watching crap.) Instead, I am again challenging myself to be proactive! I need to be working on the house, trying out new recipes, or generally doing something to take care of myself. Today, I took Preston on a run, and we made it almost a mile before he decided to take more interest in looking backwards at me, rather than running forward. It's a little difficult to run when there is 30 pounds of chunky monkey furball trying to jump on you. And now, I'm going to try a new cupcake recipe - I'll try to document this one! So see? If I have to keep myself accountable to you readers, I am certainly going to do more than simply avoid homework.

And if you're wondering, I did work on both of my term papers while at work today, so I can put a big check next to that on today's to-do list!

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