Monday, April 4, 2011

Progress Reports

 Hi everyone! I figured it was about time to give a little update on all the goings-on at our home. First up, our flowers...

Here's the view of our new plantings from the other week!
Things are looking good. Nothing's dead! We had to cover the plants several nights in a row, and the plastic was too heavy for our poor daisies. They ended up folding over, so we trimmed the flowers off and are hoping for some new blooms. The poppies and wallflowers are doing great, though!
There are several blooms on each of our three poppy plants, and they are very widely opened! I think poppies may close up at night (can anyone corroborate that?), but ours look so cheery during the day!
We also discovered what that tree by the road is, in the far left of the first picture - it's a pink dogwood! We also found out that we have a traditional white dogwood, albeit a baby one, in our front yard too. I was just telling Bill the other day about how I want to plant some dogwoods eventually, because they really remind me of my childhood. There was one at my parents' house, as well as my grandparents. I can remember my grandmother always telling me the story of the dogwood tree... Needless to say, I was very pleased to find out we actually already have two! They are beautiful.

The ugly bushes in the front of our house also just started blooming these pretty red flowers over the weekend (thank you, gorgeous sunny weather!) so they are not as bad-looking as before. And that's the front yard beautification update!

Next up, the bruise. I took a picture Saturday to show off - it's currently a giant yellow splotch on my leg. Lovely.

I know I haven't updated anything lately food-related. It's not because I want to leave yall out, it's because I really haven't done much cooking or baking! Depressing, I know. I carved out some time this weekend though... I made some poppyseed salad dressing (a FANTASTIC recipe from a friend - I've given it out to many people!). I also tried my hand at creme fraiche, and made-from-scratch cupcakes, both of which turned out really well. I got this great cupcake cookbook, and I made Snickers cupcakes. Talk about delicious. The recipe said it would make 48 mini cupcakes... but it made 96. Luckily, I was able to pass a lot of on Bill's friends who were over Saturday, as well as take some to work today. You know the girls loved them!

Homemade heaven.
Finally, here's an update on the doggies! They're still cute as ever, and out-of-control.

Please note, this is the deck off the second story of our house.
 There you have it... I'll be back in just a bit to complete today's song challenge!

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