Saturday, April 9, 2011

Song Challenge, Day 11

Day 11: A Song By Your Favorite Band

I have no choice but to pick a Bon Jovi song today! This was actually a stressful decision, because there are literally hundreds to choose from. I wanted to pick "Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars" (another of my favorites) but there's no music video, and I just couldn't find a live video on youtube that I loved. And then I had to decide - slow song, fast song, serious song, fun song. I'm tellin' ya, this song challenge is harder than any homework I've had to do this semester.

I decided to ultimately go with "These Days." It's my second favorite song by them, so of course I wanted to share it. It also is an older song, so I don't think it's as popular. I like to think that I may be exposing all you readers to some music you may have never heard before. And this song is also the reason I knew how to spell "vagabond" in a seventh grade class spelling bee. Thank you, Bon Jovi!

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