Thursday, April 7, 2011

Song Challenge, Day 9

Day 9: A Song You Can Dance To

When I was growing up, my mom used to make us listen to Elvis Presley in her car all the time. And as I matured, I learned to love the man and his music. You have to admit, he was really talented. And really good looking. But I digress.

A few months ago, I played Just Dance on the Wii for the first time (with Ruby), and we chose the song "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis. It's one of my favorite songs by him (at least in the Top 10). IT WAS SO FUN. Everyone who dances that one loves it. I may or may not have even broken 10,000 points on that particular song. Anyways, Christmas quickly rolled around after that night, and after one long conversation about Elvis, I decided to give Ruby his greatest hits as her gift. And wouldn't you know it, Ruby gifted me Elvis Presley's Christmas CD? Are we soul sisters, or what?

I was also lucky enough to receive Just Dance for Christmas, and have spent a lot of time since then getting my dance on to "Viva Las Vegas." It also makes me a little reminiscent of our honeymoon - let's go back, Bill!

Being serenaded by the King on our trip...
The point of this whole post is that "Viva Las Vegas" is definitely a song you can shake your booty to. And I do. So here's a little clip of Elvis doing his thing... (love him!)...

But if you want a little workout, just follow this guy while you listen to the song!

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