Sunday, May 1, 2011

Song Challenge, Day 26

Day 26: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

A few things before I address today's answer.

1. Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. Between my Michelle marathon (which included hours of the Royal Wedding, an almost-midnight cookout run, a little trip to the hospital to see a friend - no worries, all is well, Pushing Daisies, a horrible Hilary Duff movie, a sleepover, almost ruining the candy bar of a wedding, and a visit to AARF where we only fell in love with about 248905 puppies), and my first big movie role (aka, I was an extra in an NCSA student director's film), things have been a little nuts around here. And blogging took a backseat.

2. Originally, this was Day 6, but I somehow skipped over it, so I am finally getting back to it.

For today's song, I picked "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me?" by Keith Urban. Bill and I travel to the mountains of North Carolina fairly often and this song always makes me think of cruising on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Maybe it's the part about no money in my pockets (ha!), or the part about the winding road and the shining sun, or the part about riding with my baby or the fact it's on our Blue Ridge Road Trip mix. Any way you put it, this song makes me long for summer!

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