Saturday, July 16, 2011


In light of the fact that I did not have to work the last week, I decided to use put some of my energy toward crafting. Not only did it give me something to do (and get some birthday gifts made!), but it took my mind off of my poor crippled pup. Who is still limping on random legs occasionally, but he is spending the majority of his time running and jumping, which he is supposed to not do. We have been able to limit the amount of time he and Sensei spend roughhousing together, but it is so hard. Sometimes, Sensei sits outside on the deck by the glass door, and Preston sits inside next to the door, and they just stare at each other. It is by far the saddest and most pitiful thing I have ever seen my sweet pooches do.

Speaking of my sweet pooches...

A couple pictures I (literally) just snapped to share with you all. This is what they do when I am not paying attention to them. They sit at my feet and stare and make me feel guilty that I do anything besides throw balls for them to fetch and rub their bellies.

But anyways. The topic of this post is crafting. And cooking. I'll throw that in, since I've had time for that, too. Let me say, first off, that Pinterest is the greatest thing to have graced the internet since I am able to rip off my own DIY projects off tons of other people, all in one place!

For instance, take this Etsy wreath.

Too cute, right? Unfortunately, that $40 + shipping price tag was not so cute. So I made my own - one for me, and one for my mom's birthday tomorrow. And as far as pricing goes, I will say that between what I already owned, and what I bought, I spent less than $12 and had some leftover materials. $12. FOR TWO WREATHS. Although they did take several hours, so maybe that's really what the steep $40 is for. Here's my mama's - and don't worry, there's no way she'll be reading this before she opens her gifts tomorrow!

The one I made for our front door is exactly the same, but it's blue and green rather than pink and purple.

 After my success with the wreaths, I turned to ceramic coasters. It truly is amazing what you can do with some Mod Podge and Acrylic spray paint. Please act surprised if any of you receive these as a housewarming gift in the future... This was a good project for me to start with, and I am looking forward to getting more creative with these in the future. I saw some really cool stuff online, with people using cutouts, stencils, etc...

I also made this really great birthday gift for someone later this fall, but it's going to have to wait to share. All I have to say is, it is cool! I want to make one for myself. And I also want to say that the point of this post is not for me to brag about the stuff I've done (or to lament over the fact that semi-unemployment is giving me WAY too much free time). Rather, I want to sing the praises of all those DIYers out there on the internet who come up with great craft ideas that even I can do!

Finally, I want to share some low-carb ice cream I made for Bill and I. Yes, we are still doing that diet. And yes, I have lost 7-8 pounds (I'll admit, I have not been as strict as I should be...), but my skin is SO clear from cutting out so much sugar! It really is amazing how much I was eating every day! But anyways. Check this recipe out. It is low-carb, vegan, gluten-free, whatever you need. Only three ingredients: bananas. peanut butter. cocoa powder. Heaven in a Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker. Warning: I would advise you to make the ice cream in a food processor, and then use an ice cream maker to freeze it and churn it all together into the delicious treat that it is! So that's actually all for right now, except for a little shout-out to my favorite cat-lovin', fellow Twilight-obsessed gal pal Caroline, who got engaged to her boyfriend Andrew last night! Yippee - love is in the air, people!

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