Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End of an Era...

I wrote this post Friday, but our internet was out, but it's finally up now!

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Borders is sadly closing its doors. Borders is one of my favorite stores – regardless of the fact I’m a Rewards Plus member, so I get an extra 10% off everything – because I just love books! I love book stores in general – it’s related to my love of libraries. I can remember, growing up, I would visit my aunt in Charlotte a few times a year, and she would always take me to Barnes & Noble. We could spend a whole afternoon in there, and she would buy me a book before we left, as a souvenir of my weekend with her. It’s not like we didn’t have bookstores back home… it was just a thing we did. And it shows you what a nerd I was growing up, that I’d pick a book as my souvenir every time I went on a trip!

Anyways, the one silver lining to this cloud is the going-out-of-business sale happening right now in Winston. When the Greensboro location closed, I was able to pick up Planet Earth on BluRay for cheap. I’m talking $30-cheap. In hopes of finding some similar deals, I hit up the sale at the Thruway store yesterday. Most of what I wanted is only 20% off right now (plus my 10%), so I tried to limit myself. But I bought some really cool stuff for my future classroom! Theoretically, if all goes well, that is only a year away (WHOA), and I need to stock up! All the Melissa & Doug materials were on sale, and they are one of my absolute favorite companies for kids’ work. Everything is wooden – super durable and safe – and I basically want to own everything they make. I can’t wait to go back when all of the stuff at Borders is a little more on sale and stock up from that shelf.

Yesterday I limited myself to a kitchen set of food groups from Melissa & Doug, which are so cool. I did buy several books, including an awesome BrainQuest Preschool book, which is full of worksheets on phonics, 123s, ABCs, toys, and the self. Does anyone remember BrainQuest? I had a ton of their products when I was younger! I also got some really neat Dr. Suess concept cards on the alphabet and opposites. Seriously, I am getting so excited about being able to use these materials in a classroom of my own. Or with my own kids, but that is much farther off.

Speaking of my own classroom, today was my last day at OCCS for the summer (I think). The end of another era! I go back to UNCG on August 15, and I’m not on the schedule at OCCS for the next two weeks. It is so sad! I absolutely love that school, and I have seen some real changes in myself over the course of this summer. I have really connected with some students, and I believe that a lot of progress was made in terms of how I worked with and handled certain situations. Some days were very challenging – as were some students – but I can honestly say I loved that whole class I worked with. How am I going to do this when I am a teacher – say goodbye to a whole group of children I love every year? I guess the rewards of working with them outweighs the sadness of sending them on at the end of the school year. “Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all,” right? Do you think that was written with teachers in mind?

Me neither.

Edit: Found out I am on the schedule to work this week - yay! Five more days with my kids!

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