Thursday, July 7, 2011


Is it sad I am making a blog update about my nails? Yes? Well, I'm okay with that. That's what happens when you're living the life of the semi-unemployed and your day started way too early, with picking up your dogs' poo in order to have a sample for the vet this afternoon.

Oh wait. Is that unappropriate to write about on here?

Anyways, I decided to redo some of my nails that turned out less-than-perfect yesterday. And today's result was much better. Ignore the fact that there is still nail polish on my skin in the following photos.

Nice, right? Maybe it'll be my new thing. Or feather hair extensions. Does anyone else - besides Emily - love those as much as I do? Or should they be relegated to the likes of Miley Cyrus and other tweens?

In other news, a basement makeover is slowly in progress. Here's some before shots.

Anyone see the doggie?
It's dark - a lot of very dark wood paneling and not a lot of light. and has carpet reminiscent of a pool table. Hopefully, it's nothing a lamp or two, a crowbar and a few coats of paint can't fix. At least temporarily. In the long run, we'd like to do a lot. Some of this may not make since if you haven't been to our house (and I am a slack blogger and didn't take pictures of the whole room). Here's our dream basement redo list:
  • Create a frame wall, a la Casa Petersik. (This project is actually already in motion - woohoo!)
  • Replace the carpet
  • Tear out the fireplace (not the whole brick wall, just the hideous gold fireplace front that kind of falls away from the wall whenever you pull the doors open)  
  • Replace said fireplace front
  • Turn the door to the bar into a half wall, with a large window looking from the basement into the bar
  • Tear a door from the hallway into the bar
  • Find a more suitable place for our workout equipment
There's also an  office and a two-car garage in our basement. Again, in our dream world, we'd like to finish part of the garage and add a bathroom downstairs. And maybe even some space for the elliptical and that tall weight machine that I have no idea what it is called.

So far, all that has taken place is me prying some of those planks off the walls, and then cursing as I accidentally created a hole in the wall, and then a little more cursing when I realized that big X is not coming off without making a giant mess. But more on that later, when it actually gets done!

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  1. wish i could come help out with the makeover! you know how much i love some makeover house work!