Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where to begin?

It's only been five days since I last posted, and a lot has happened.

Really fun things have happened. Bill and I and the pooches spent the weekend at Lake Norman, getting in some serious quality time with the world's cutest niece (that would be our's), who loved Uncle Bill more than anyone else this weekend. I even let her pee on me, but she still liked Bill best! It was so relaxing - there was pool time, board game time, delicious food time, homemade ice cream time, and my sister-in-law and I may or may not have stayed up until almost midnight ooohing and ahhing over all the cool things we found on Pinterest.

I also have gotten to see some great friends, even one that I haven't seen since OCTOBER.

Meet Sara.

Okay, she probably won't like that last one. Meet Sara, take 2.
We are only an hour and a half apart, but it seems whenever we make it to the other one's town, they are busy or not home. Luckily, the stars aligned Sunday night, and Bill and I were able to grab a nice, long dinner with Sara and her boyfriend Jeramie. Please not I would not have survived college, nor would it have been as much fun, without Sara.

I was also able to meet up with my friends from work - Q, Tiff, and Sara. This blog is not meant to be a recap of my social life, but these are big ticket news items in my world right now. It has been really hard this summer for me, because most of my friends are not here. And there is only so much for a 23-year-old to do in this tiny town. Not that I'm complaining, I love living here, but it is such a treat for me when I get to see my friends from out-of-town!

I have also begun a few crafts, inspired by Pinterest. I am a little hesitant to blog about them, though, because one is for a birthday later this year (I am just trying to get it done before school starts back), and that someone may or may not be related to someone else who reads the blog. I hope this doesn't give anything away. But a couple crafts are home-related, so I will post those ASAP. And if anyone is wondering, Michaels is having a really great sale right now on some of the basic craft supplies that I like to just have stocked.

Finally, I'd like to share with all the bloggees out there a little situation we're having at the Fischer household. But first, a little back story. The past few weeks, Preston has been having some troubles. If he's been laying down and stands up, he often has to sit back down because his back legs give out. And when he does walk, he limps. Bill and I attributed it to his legs falling asleep, but we thought it was a little weird because 1) it only started happening recently, and 2) it's never happened to Sensei. I brought it up with the vet last Thursday, and it turns out he might have hip dysplasia. (Please note: if your dogs butt wiggles when he walks, or he bunny hops when he runs, these are two signs of hip dysplasia! Preston does both, but Bill and I had no idea it was a sign of anything being wrong). We are taking him in for X-rays tomorrow morning, and we should find out exactly what's going on. If it turns out to be serious enough, we will be looking at hip replacement surgery. This is not supposed to happen to my baby - he isn't even 18 months old yet!I will keep everyone updated, so please send your thoughts/prayers/positive vibes our way - whatever you've got, we'll take.

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